Capturing Memories With Greater Skies

Capturing Memories With Greater Skies - print, flowers & lamp

I’m the sort of person who loves to capture memories, I have a scrapbook, photo albums & now this beautiful star map to remind myself of those special moments. Greater skies is a company who create these beautiful prints based on a time & place that means something to you. It could be a birthday celebration, your wedding day or even the day your child was born. It captures the stars above at that exact moment & creates a wonderful interior piece.

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The map I choose

To kick off my review let’s begin with the first step; choosing your design. There’s a few layouts to choose from & I opted for the night sky which is fully black & I think it really stands out & creates a feature piece. There’s white version available & you can choose from just a digital print or a framed piece. I went for the framed piece as I really wanted something I could display & it’s much easier for the company to frame it than looking for a separate company to do so. However I’ve also got copies I can digitally download at different sizes.

The ordering process

The process is very simple which is always a plus when it comes to ordering these sorts of items. You select your design, enter the date, time & address. It was quick & easy! There’s nothing else to it, once you’ve added the details the map is designed for you & you can add a message to be displayed like the one above. You select your size, choose to add a frame & click order. The company reviewed my designed & realised I had added an extra space between words so changed that for me too

Capturing Memories With Greater Skies - print, flowers & lamp

The quality & final result

It only took a few days to arrive & I have to say it’s pretty large but it comes bubble wrapped so it’s well protected. The frame itself is really sturdy & has a plastic sheeting rather than glass at the front. I had to take that bit out because it was way too reflective to get a quality photo for this post but that was really simple to. The digital downloads are super crisp as well so you can use it as a phone background really easily & still have the highest quality.

The map is stunning & I love how it captured one of my favourite memories! My first trip away with Jacob for my birthday. We camped under the stars & now we have an everlasting image of that. It really is a stand out piece to add to your collection & represents your favourite memory.

It’s one of those products that make a great gift for a special occasion & it’s customisable so there’s something for everyone. I can’t wait to move into our new home & have it on display. I would highly recommend Greater skies to anyone looking to create an original piece for their home. I’d love to know what memory you’d create a star map for!

Shelley xx

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*This post contains a gifted item from Greater Skies*

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