Casetify Review

Whales, Orcas & Narwhals (£24.99)

I finally upgraded my 5s, after it had pretty much been beaten to death. I paid through the teeth to upgrade early but I got my hands on a 6s and I’m amazed at the quality. It was easier to do this review shoot using my phone then my camera, which was not for the life of it picking up the natural light. Any how I thought I should review my new case, as I decided to purchase from casetify for the first time. 


It didn’t take too long to come but I have to admit I purchased the upgraded shipping as my phone couldn’t be left un-cased for too long. The total came to around £30 all together which is a lot for a case but I guess you can’t complain when it’s an international order. I finally choose this case after looking for ages; there’s soo many to choose from. I went for a white background rather than transparent as that’s never really been my thing. I also choose the clear sides as if I choose to order another back plate (explain in a second) it will always blend well. As you can see if came really well packaged and I got a cheeky code. I love how professional it all looks and even a few of my graphic designer friends have worked with them which gives me a lot of confidence in the company. As you can see the design comes out of the overall case which means when you next order you can choose to pay less and just order a back plate. The designs click into the case and then the whole thing pops onto your phone really easily. You have to fiddle a little to make sure it’s all in place firmly but other than that I love it. The only downfall is the case makes me phone feel a lot thicker so if you prefer slim line cases these wouldn’t be for you. Otherwise I really love it and will happily purchase again in the future.

Good news too I’m really doing well in college and I’ve applied for a micro ring hair extension course for Monday. I’m getting so excited now the end is near so I’m making future plans and re-organising my life. I usually apologise for my lack of posts but I’m getting their slowly, I’m just never on my laptop any more!! 

Shelley xx

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