Celebrating Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year; which people either hate, love or just don’t care about. Valentine’s day isn’t for everyone but in my case I enjoy celebrating with the people I love. I understand people’s opinions about it being just another day to support consumerism & in some cases make people feel invalid for not being in “love” but it’s not as conventional as it used to be. Valentine’s isn’t just about couples, we’ve created alternatives like anti-valentine’s & galentine’s. People have made the day their own, you don’t have to be in love to enjoy the day. It’s about appreciating the people in your life you love & that includes you!!


Self-love is just as important; if not more than being loved by others. It’s time to yes in some cases spoil your partner but also spend time with your best friends, your family & spoil yourself. You don’t need a partner to validate your importance; you can be happy single & you deserve to treat yourself. We can’t judge how anyone views valentine’s day, there’s going to be couples on social media expressing their love through posts or presents & that’s okay. People are allowed to celebrate the day conventionally. People are allowed to #boydidgood & be cringey for the day. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with that but there’s also nothing wrong with avoiding it completely. You don’t have to celebrate & you can choose to celebrate it differently. Treat yourself, have a pamper day, go grab a coffee with a friend, buy your mum those flowers instead. However you choose to interpret the day is valid & shouldn’t be judged.


I enjoy scrolling through instagram on days likes these & seeing people’s posts. It’s lovely to see people celebrating themselves & doing fun things with the people they love. In my case I’m off for a spot of bowling & to stuff my face with desserts. I hope whatever you choose to do today you enjoy & social media doesn’t drive you insane!!

Shelley xx

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