Chrome Nail Trend

(Nails done at Coco Nails & Beauty Weybridge)

I can finally say my nails are back to their best!! After taking nearly a year off acrylics I rebuilt my natural nails to a good strength & thickness. In October I decided to get a new set for my birthday & returned to my previous local salon. I ended up keeping that set for 8 weeks & during that time opted to try chrome nails. I love nail art & when I find a good technician I’m always up for fancy nails. Chrome nails is pretty simple so most salons have invested in the additional equipment which makes it even easier to find.


Chrome nails are created using gel polish (base & specific colour) & then adding a pigment powder to create the metallic shine. There’s unlimited combinations to create using different base colours with the same powders. There’s a colour for everyone; I decided to opt for a blue, green & purple hue mix rather than a mirror effect. The compliments I’ve had are endless, I’m currently wearing a rose gold chrome gel on my natural nails which of course is a huge trend right now.

They create such a beautiful look that I can understand the trend. They are easy to create & the options are endless however I do find they don’t last as long as usual gel polish (on my nails anyhow). The chrome layer chips away a lot faster than I expected & some colours can look more glittery than metallic due to the powder. They do cost more in some salons but I’ve had a lot of people say they’ve paid the basic rate with no add on. I think my chrome days are up for the time being. I really want to find a local stylist who focuses on art so I can explore more designs.

I can definitely see this trend lasting a good while, there’s no reason for it not too. I’ll definitely give it another shot in the future. While my natural nails are so strong I’m opting for gel polish over acrylic & chrome is always tempting. If anyone local to me has any technicians they can recommend I’d really appreciate it!!

Shelley xx

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