Craft Kits To Get Creative With

This post contains affiliate links.Craft Kits To Get Creative With - weave on loomIf you didn’t know already I’m one of those creative types & well ever since I restarted my etsy people seem to be interested in trying bits themselves. Don’t worry I’m not tooting my own horn but I’ve had a few people message me for advice on what to buy or send their blooming cute as hell creations. I thought why not create a blog post about different craft kits on the market?

Yes we are in isolation so its a fab time to learn & new skill but personally I think anytime is a great time to kick start the crafty person in you. Most of these are small businesses so they’d obviously appreciate your support in these tough times but some aren’t, some might be temporarily closed for the time being but I wanted to include them because they are fab.

Also these are pretty all UK based so I apologise if you aren’t local but enough rambling…

Craft kits to get creative with

Craft Kits To Get Creative With - loom & roving

Craft Kits To Get Creative With - finished weave from kit


One of the most requested ones of the lot so of course the starting one. There is a lot of products on the market for weaving & well it isn’t always the cheapest hobby to have. Saying that there’s a lot of great kits out there so you can dip your toe in & see if you like it before invested ££s!

World of wool X Madeweavelove This is the kit I have purchased; well actually I have two of the kits. I have the newcomer & the rookie. They are both designed by Phoebe (madeweavelove) who is a fabulous weaver. Her work is amazing & she uses a lot of yarn from world of wool hence the collaboration. Essentially the kits are mini looms & you learn some basic techniques to create a mini weave. I found this really handy in the beginning & now I use my loom for small projects.

Woven in Wiltshire – Laura is another weaver who has designed her own kits to sell alongside her products. She currently sells both a regular loom kit to create your standard weave & round weaving kits. Her round kits come in an adult & a child style so its a great way to get creative with your children.

Wool couture – This is another popular site to buy craft kits from especially weaving ones as there’s soo much variety available. They have different sized looms, shaped looms & lots of extra supplies. I think I’ll be purchasing my next loom from them plus a needle cause they look fab. I know beffshuff purchased a kit from them & her weave looks fab.

Craft Kits To Get Creative With - punch needle piece

Punch needle

One of my personal favourites. I find it so relaxing & personally I think its an easy skill to pick up. It does require a few particular materials but once you get the bug I’m sure you’ll be willing to invest.

Whole punching – This is the kit I purchased & I have since gone on to purchase more from her store. I love the designs available & Sara is just so lovely! You have the option to pick a kit with a design or just the monks cloth, needle & yarn. She sells yarn bundles & all the supplies you’ll need for future projects.

The modern crafter – This is a store I see crop up all the time & I follow on Instagram. They offer a variety of kits as well as downloadable designs & the Oxford punch needle (the best in the market). They are a tad pricey but you get a lot in the kits so it’s worth the initial investment.

Craft Kits To Get Creative With - pom pom in the making


A new love of mine which I’m slowly developing. They are just squishy balls of colour that can be used for a bunch of different projects. I’m currently making a few keyring & planning something fab for my shop.

Fatpompoms – I have recently purchased a kit from Jess & I could not recommend it enough. Her work is amazing & I decided to go for a off cuts kits so I got lots of colours to play with. Her kits come in small or large. You can also go all in with everything or just get the yarn of your choice too. They come with instructions but she’s also doing igtv tutorials on her Instagram.

The sewcial circle – I found this store on Instagram thanks to advertising & now I’m dying to buy one of their pompom looms. They just look so snazzy & handy. They actually sell a range of kits & pom pom supplies but the best place to start is most likely the starter kit!

Pom pom people shop – This store comes highly recommended on Instagram & they sell kits that are a little different. At the moment they’ve got a cherry garland kit which I think is really cute!


I have dabbled in macrame a few times & its one of those relaxing crafts you can pick up slowly. I find it both hard & easy depending on the type of macrame I’m doing but then again I haven’t taken on any big projects.

Clover creations – I have purchased cotton string from here in the past & it is beautiful. I used it to create my macrame rainbows. I personally haven’t purchased a kit from them but if you’re looking to dabble in macrame their kit looks fab. You can choose your own colour & create a plant hanger.

Kalicrame – I follow Kali on Instagram & she’s an amazing macrame artist. She creates amazing wall hangings & now offers kits too. She actually has a range of kits so you’ve got a bunch to choose from! I love the look of the wall hanging kit myself.

White collections- Claire is one of my favourite creators on Instagram & I love chatting to her. I purchased cord cakes from her in the past & she’s recently released loads of new pastel colours that have me very excited. She also has a macrame starter kit which is really affordable. You get to choose 3 colours of your choice from her range & it comes with S hooks, keyring attachment & a hanging stick so you can create whatever you fancy.

There’s four different types of craft kits you can get creative with if you choose to. I’d love to know which of these really takes your fancy & please tag me in any Insta posts if you post your creations. I’m really excited by this new creative adventure I’m on & if you want to take a look at my etsy here’s the link!

I’m planning a part two of this with even more kits so keep an eye out!

Shelley xx

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