Defining My Style

Defining my style- full outfit, striped jumper, lace up jeans

I was styling up an outfit the other day. Just for a regular day y’no, I was heading off for a spot of shopping & I wanted to wear some of my new buys just to have a fresh look. I ended up getting myself in a flap because the outfit I had picked wasn’t really me. Well it was & I actually liked it but was it really my usual go to style?

No it was a kind of flashback to a previous me, who loved a retro look & didn’t particularly care what I looked like.

It’s at that point I realised I’m really boxing myself in trying to define my sense of style. In reality I have no idea what my signature style is. I follow bloggers who I recognise just by the outfit they’re wearing. I’d love to have discovered my look but in reality my style is collective. I like a lot of different things & why should I deny myself things I like because they don’t fit a certain look.

Defining my style - outfit; striper jumper, lace up jeansJumper: Nasty Gal | Jeans: TopshopShoes: New Look Defining my style- outfit; striped jumper, lace up jeans

Recently I’ve been planning to have a big clear out & decide what my staples are. What I reach to & what I like to style with most things. I’ve made a list of items that I will forever want in my wardrobe & I’m working outwards from there. I can shrink my wardrobe & save money instead of wasting it on clothes that will never lose their tags. That’s not going to stop me buying those stand out pieces though. I’ll always reach for something a little different & there’s nothing wrong with that.

I think we’ve all headed (or tried to) down the path of minimalism & I love the idea behind it. Simple & chic. It really resonates with me when it comes to decor but when it comes to fashion I’m not too sure. Yes I love simple outfits, give me a pair of jeans & a plain tee any day but it can also lead you to feel constricted.

Defining my style - jumper closeup from side view

Well that’s how I’ve been feeling anyhow; I had a wobble. I felt poop about myself; be that my style, my looks, damn even my blog but I’m trying to get out of that funk. Fashion is something I love; it may not be a huge passion of mine but I do like looking good. Maybe some outfits I put together I won’t like but then I can always change them. Who cares if I stick to one style or wear whatever the hell I want?

No one.

That’s the point; yes I may blog & yes I may put my outfits out to the world but only I have to like them. I’m not going to lie & say I don’t give a damn about what people think because clearly I do. Of course I want to people to like my outfits I post but at the end of the day the most important thing is how I feel about them & how I feel about myself.

Defining my style- full outfit, striped jumper, lace up jeans, heeled bootsdefining my style - shoe closeup

I’m determined to get out of this funk I’m in & well I’m starting but saying bye bye to defining my style! I blooming love these trousers & I’m sure they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I’m wearing them to death. I feel so sassy in them & if they didn’t pick up every teenie tiny bit of dog hair they would be perfect!

If anyone’s wondering what outfit got me all in a tizz it was this jumper paired with some overly ripped mom jeans & converse. I have no clue why & I still wore it but that’s my brain being a boob as usual. Maybe I’ll post that outfit in the future but for now you’ll have to make do with this beaut combo instead.

Shelley xx

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