Dreaming Of Summer Days

I’m currently sat in my new pyjama shirt with a cup of coffee, a bar of chocolate & the mentalist on TV.  I’m not quite feeling at top health and I’m snowed under with work & college; but here I am giving my lovely followers a rather boring insight into my “blogger” lifestyle. We all know blogging isn’t easy but sometimes that generic picture of a person sat in bed with a cuppa and their laptop on their lap is reality. How stereotypical of me!!

I’m not actually writing to have a little moan about my today’s reality. I’m just dwelling on those summer days when you can do so much more, you can even blog better. No gazillion layers that you don’t quite add to your outfit post, better lighting so you can shoot at any time & clothes are just so much nicer with a tan. But in reality when it comes to summer I can’t wait to get out & about. I think that’s why I’m dwelling because I know I’ll have more free time in summer; well I hope I have a day off a week at least. I would have potentially qualified, be either working or looking for work in that field & I would be able to fulfil those cute day trips I’ve already got planned in my head.

I love exploring & as you can tell from my visit Wales section, Wales has a gazillion places to check out. I have so many ideas of places me & Kane go to when it’s warmer; plus the  majority of them are free. I’ll hopefully get some cool shots of each place to so I can share them with you guys. I hate trying to plan days out over winter because you never quite know what’s going to happen on the day till you get up & look out the window.

But as of now I’m utilising the day off college to get my ever expanding duties some-what completed. I literally have no idea who reads my personal posts and if any of you particularly find the inner workings of this mental brain remotely interesting. But I guess all I can do is write when I feel the need and see what happens. My blogs been much personal and review based this year but I’m planning to get a few outfits posted from next week so I won’t bore you any longer.

Shelley xx

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