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Dublin diaries; Exploring & Guinness tour - temple bar collage

Its time for some travel content once again & well May has definitely been the month of travel. Our first proper trip of the year was Dublin & it safe to say it was a great trip full of activities. I may have walked until my feet wanted to fall off but I throughly enjoyed it. Our first two days involved exploring the city & of course visiting the Guinness store house. Dublin is the place to go for a short flight & lots to see!

Day one – Exploring the city 

Dublin diaries; Exploring & Guinness tour - christ church cathedral Dublin diaries; Exploring & Guinness tour - me and Jacob collageDublin diaries; Exploring & Guinness tour - temple bar

Day one involved getting our bearings. We actually arrived into Dublin pretty early thanks to the short flight so we took the bus to our air bnb, dropped off our bags, met our hosts & headed straight out to explore. I have to admit I love Dublin airport; all the staff are super helpful & they have the best public transport. There are buses running straight from the airport into the city & it was really easy to plan your journey with the help of the staff. Plus our air bnb was pretty close to town so it took us about 20 minutes to get into the heart of the tourist area.

We decided to wander around the busy streets & see what Dublin was all about. Turns out the city isn’t that big so you don’t have to walk miles to see everything. We kind of just had a quick lot at the hotspots & headed back because we were both shattered. Who thought a 8 o’clock flight was a good idea? Plus my hip decided to play up so I was walking around like an old lady most of day since I couldn’t put weight on it.

Turns out our plan to get there early & explore was really code for a quick peak then grey’s anatomy in bed…

Day two – Guinness store houseDublin diaries; Exploring & Guinness tour - guinness sign selfie collage Dublin diaries; Exploring & Guinness tour - Guinness store house clocks, selfie & toucans collage Dublin diaries; Exploring & Guinness tour - Guinness store house fountain, neon light & barrels collageDublin diaries; Exploring & Guinness tour - half penny bridge

Day two was all about the Guinness & well you can’t go to Dublin & not visit the Guinness store factory. I have to admit I wasn’t too excited about it at the first because I’m not a big drinker & I didn’t know what to expect. Turns out it’s amazing & I actually really love Guinness. Exploring the store house was pretty neat & even thought we booked our tour in advance it turned out to be self-lead so we got to explore at our own pace.

There’s a bunch of floors to explore, each explaining the process & as you get towards the top you have different places to claim your free pint. You can head to the restaurant, pour yourself a pint, try the tasting experience or head to the gravity bar & view Dublin from above. We decided to opt for the gravity bar because if I was going to try Guinness I wasn’t go to waste a free pint on me pouring it!

The gravity is packed to the brim but the views are so worth it & it’s a great place to take a Guinness selfie (see below). I loved this experience & I would highly recommend you visiting if you’re ever in Dublin. I would love to be able to describe the store house in depth so you can really get why I loved it but I’m not a pro reviewer & it’s something you should experience for yourself.
Dublin diaries; Exploring & Guinness tour - Guinness store factory view collage

Even though I was hobbling around on a dodgy hip for the first two days I actually really enjoyed it. We may have headed home early & spent time relaxing in our hotel but that’s what holidays are all about; spending them how you please. Plus we bought the best doughnuts to binge on with a bit of telly!

I have to be honest & say at first I was a little underwhelmed by Dublin, I just find cities close to home always feel like London rather somewhere completely new but after a few hours really delving into the city I fell in love & enjoyed myself. You can’t resist visiting temple bar even if it’s full of tourists.

Shelley xx

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