Dublin Diaries || My Favourite Murder & Leprechaun Musuem

Dublin dairies; my favourite murder & leprechaun museum - large chair selfie collage

Its time for part two of the Dublin diaries & this is where it starts to get interesting because we woke up on Monday excited for the day ahead of us & realised we had made a big mistake. Monday involved a little more exploring but we had my favourite murder in the evening so of course we were very excited for that. That’s when it hits us we hadn’t printed our tickets!! 

Day three – Phoenix park & my favourite murder

Dublin dairies; my favourite murder & leprechaun museum - Guinness t-shirt

Tbh it’s not very me to leave things to the last minute but in prep for our holiday we were both adamant that our tickets were e-tickets so didn’t worry too much about them. Well it turned out they weren’t e-tickets. It was a bloody nightmare.

So here we are panicking because I then remembered I had ordered them to be posted & gifted wrapped (they were Jacobs birthday present!) so we had left them at home. Now I’m a right mess because I hate when these things happen. We couldn’t get hold of Ticketmaster because it was bank holiday & we were in a right mess.

We decided to head down to the venue to see what we could do. I had emailed ticket master helpline with no reply & googled the hell out of it. Turns out you can arrange for duplicates at the venue so that was our plan.

We headed into town & well the venue was shut because it only opens an hour or two prior to the gig. Safe to say my stress levels were at an ultimate high & I was slowly giving up on the day. Since there was nothing to do about this big old mess we had got ourselves into we decided to go to phoenix park for the day & worry about it later (as if I stopped worrying).

Dublin dairies; my favourite murder & leprechaun museum - Jacob in Phoenix park collage

Dublin dairies; my favourite murder & leprechaun museum - phoenix park statueIn a taxi we go & tbh it was a lush day. It was sunny & the park was beautiful so we wandered round & got some pictures. The day was a slight failure because I was stressed & all the outfit pictures just weren’t working but we got an ice-cream & just decided to relax in the park for a while.

There’s not much you can do in these situations but we made the best of it then headed to get changed & pop back to the venue. You never guess what… because we turned up so early to sort this mess out we were sat outside the venue & met Georgia & Karen. Yes we met the stars of the show & it was awesome, they were so nice & friendly! It was such a cool moment that it lifted our spirits so we headed to the nearest pub for a Guinness & to wait for the venue to open. Dublin dairies; my favourite murder & leprechaun museum - my favourite murder collage

This is where it finally gets better because as soon as we arrived to the ticket office & explained what had gone on, the ticket guy just printed us new ones. God all that stressing for nothing hey! I could have kissed his sunburnt face right there & then but I didn’t cause he was behind a glass panel & that would have been slightly weird.

The show was awesome & I really didn’t know what to expect from a live podcast but I thoroughly enjoyed it. We bought a bit of merch & just enjoyed our evening. It was a great way to end a stressful day & it was so worth our Dublin trip to see my favourite murder live. This is where Monday finally ends but as you can see I’m a complete numpty when it comes to printed tickets so I’m gonna stick to e-tickets from now on!

Day four – leprechaun museum & touristing

Dublin dairies; my favourite murder & leprechaun museum - leprechaun museum collage Dublin dairies; my favourite murder & leprechaun museum - me on a large chairOnto our final full day was all about exploring Dublin in full. After our initial exploring day fail we really wanted to see the hotspots of Dublin starting with the the leprechaun museum. I can’t tell you how excited I was for this, ever since I knew we were going to Dublin I wanted to book it. It’s so cheap too so why not!

Maybe it’s a little childish but in reality they actually advise it’s not child friendly. As much as I was looking for to the photo ops on the big chairs, hearing all the old folklore was really lovely. We had a few children on our tour which was a little annoying but we ignored them & let our inner childs run wild. I don’t want to indulge too much about the tour because that ruins the surprise but it’s definitely worth a visit.

Dublin dairies; my favourite murder & leprechaun museum - trinity college & Dublin castle Dublin dairies; my favourite murder & leprechaun museum - Trinity college Dublin dairies; my favourite murder & leprechaun museum - trinity college statue

The rest of the day was visiting all the key areas of Dublin so we headed to Trinity college, then onto the Dublin castle where I took my sassy photos from last week. We also popped into a Mexican restaurant & I had the best soft tacos ever. Yes that was a highlight of my day! We also popped into the shopping centre & had a browse round Penney’s (primark) which I was actually really looking forward to. How nice are their penny’s compared to our primarks omg??? It was lush & I brought a few goodies. I would definitely head to Dublin for shopping in the future.

Our final day was short lived so we went to a local cafe for breakfast then got a taxi to the airport. It was definitely a whirlwind of a holiday, we squeezed loads in & obviously had a few mishaps but we were blessed with gorgeous sunshine! Considering how short & cheap the flight was I would definitely visit again. Next time we want to head to northern Ireland to see the giant’s causeway.

Shelley xx

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