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Double wear- stay in place foundation

Double wear – stay in place powder

I finally decided to splurge on an expensive foundation, after using drug store products for years. I thought I’d review my products since a lot of my followers are either my age or younger and expensive make-up is definitely something to debate before buying. Both my products are in the lightest shade cool bone as my complexion has decided to lose all colour. This review will be super honest because as much as I love the products I’ve had issues too!!

Firstly as you can see the products are beautiful. Estee Lauder’s branding is perfect!! Every thing seems too pretty to use. When I purchased these I got a few freebies pictured below but my main review is on the foundation products. I also got a 10 day little bottle to test so you are able to return the main bottle if you don’t get on with it. Luckily in my case the tester has lasted forever and the colour is a perfect match for my skin too. 

(foundation swatch)

As for the foundation I find it’s rather runny, it’s definitely a liquid product. I’ve found this slightly odd as all previous products I’ve used, even liquids have had a better consistency. The bottle also is just an open lid so you have to pour it out rather than pump with I prefer. As for the product I’ve found it rather difficult to get on with. At first I was loving it due to the colour match but I was also finding I was using a lot in one go. This meant the overall effect was rather cakey. I need good coverage due to the redness on my skin but the consistency was making this an issue. I either had to wear a lot or not get great coverage. That was my main turn off. However since speaking to people and the company themselves I have been advised to add a hydrating moisturiser first. This has helped a lot as you only need a tiny bit of product compared to how much I was using. It seems the product works with the moisturiser to get a good coverage. I’m actually really happy with the product now I know the correct application procedure but in my opinion a product that costs that much should not require so much prep. I know I have to prep other products with primer but I just think a product of this quality shouldn’t need a moisturiser and primer to work correctly. I’ve decided to keep the product as it really works with my skin now but I was seriously debating returning it too. I’ve seen many people complaining about the formula change so maybe the company themselves have taken a step back instead of forward with their improvements. 

On the other hand I adore the powder. It’s light weight, has a fab coverage and the colour matches perfectly. It leaves your face feeling super smooth and lovely. It really sets the foundation perfectly without looking cakey or over done!! I would recommend this for any liquid foundation as it’s perfect.

*Take it away remover *Day wear cream *Advance night repair

*Perfectly clean cleanser *Pure colour envy lipstick – Carnal 

I got a few freebies from purchasing(some not featured) and I’m loving their products. Their make-up remover is divine, a little goes a long way too!! I’m definitely going to purchase a bigger bottle when I run out. I’ve tested the creams for a little while and they feel wonderful on my skin. I’m not one for anti-ageing products so I can’t really review that side of it but the quality is really lovely. I don’t think I’d spend that much on the products in the future though. The cleanser is super lovely and can be used daily or left on for a while as a face mask. It really does leave your skin feeling refreshed.

I also purchased a red lipstick to get my goodie bag. As a Mac lover I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful Estee Lauder’s lipsticks were. You usually associate double wear with their company but the lipsticks are lovely too. They apply smoothly, smell amazing and last all day. The price is a bit too high for me to justify purchasing more off their lipsticks in the future. Mac is even cheaper which is a surprise too!!

Overall I do think their products are good. I’ve only had a bad experience with one out 14/15. They are really helpful and have a chat room on their website if you need advice. Now I know the application routine for my foundation I’m loving it even more so I hope this post helps any ladies experiencing the same issues!! Remember if you’re debating splurging ask for a tester and see how you feel after a week or two!!

Shelley xx

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