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I’m officially back in England & the weather isn’t so bad but the holiday blues have definitely set in. Last week we were venturing around Krakow working our little legs & racking up tonnes of steps. Now I’m sat in bed attempting to organise & edit the gazillion photos we both took, so I can write up these Poland diaries!! Time to end the rambling & kick off the first post; the airport annoyances & the day of being a typical tourist!

Outfit: Jacket (Topshop) | Top (H&M) | Trousers (Newlook) | Shoes (Converse) | Suitcase (Primark)

Yes that is a typical blogger airport photo; looking at the ground of course & giving you my finest relaxed not posed pose! But hey it’s my only airport photo & my outfit is fab plus my hair blended straight & I was feeling good. Anyhow we decided to use the skyscanner app to find our flights on the cheap & since they were so affordable we were travelling from Stanstead via Ryanair. Luckily Stanstead isn’t that far from me but it is a tiny airport with lots of broken bag scanner machines which heightens the stress levels & makes everything take a million times longer. As for Ryanair we just about missed the whole cancelling flights palaver which would have sent me over the edge & y’no what I didn’t find them that bad. Flights aren’t the best for me in any circumstance & I’m small so I can wedge in small seats.

All in all I was glad to get off that flight & out of airports which turned out to be the start of a much bigger problem. I cannot stress enough that you should not book your hotel transfers through Ryanair’s company. The lack of information is one thing & then of course while not knowing what you’re looking for your taxi could be 40 minutes late & the office is closed so you can’t actually use the phone number provided.

Don’t worry we eventually made it to our apartment & even though we had to pop into town to grab our keys it just meant we spied a vegan joint round the corner!! Once we had settled, refreshed & let the stress levels subside we headed to the vegan burger restaurant for our first meal. It was bloody lovely & the biggest burger ever. It was one of those meals that you can’t avoid making a mess, plus it was really cheap & 5 minutes away from where we were staying. After we travelled into the main square took a carriage ride & headed home to crash.

After a fabulous nights sleep we decided to get ready & head out for our day of exploring. I make it sound pretty simple but new hair has created new challenges & little old me had a minor breakdown over trying to get all my hair to curl. Hence the big bushy mess of hair from over heating & eventually a good old comb through!! But hey least it’s all one colour again & we took some hella cute selfies.

Eventually we made it to breakfast which was pretty much lunch by the time we found a restaurant we liked to look off. Krakow’s main square is gorgeous with lots of alfresco dining but it does make it a little harder to identify menus to see if anything it suitable. Of course by this stage the camera was at the ready & I was snapping away which in turn makes this a rather heavy photo post (sorry for the spam!!).

Outfit: Top (Primark) | Skirt (Missguided) | Shoes (Converse)

Amazing to think all these photos were taken from the main square; there’s just so much to see & explore. The architecture is beautiful in Krakow & all the buildings are impeccable. Even though it’s a really busy area you can get some gorgeous pictures. We wandered around the square just venturing on a whim, there’s a lot of food options available & well as different shops to explore. Even though the square is packed with places you wouldn’t imagine it to be so cluttered; everything fits into the aesthetic & emulates the beauty of the town.

After exploring the main square we decided to hunt down somewhere new. I had been recommended the local cathedral by my work colleague who is polish & she told me that it held a story of Sigismund bell. If you were to touch the bell & make a wish then it shall come true. The bell itself is only sounded on very special occasions such as the pope visiting so it holds a lot of significance.

With this knowledge we had a look on a free map & saw Wawel royal cathedral & headed over. On our way towards the cathedral we were asked by a guide if we would like a complete tour for 100 PLN which we decided to refuse. Luckily we did as tickets were only 24 PLN & there wasn’t any need for a guide. The cathedral is all mapped out for you & there’s lots of information available for you to understand the structures. It’s really worth a visit & it gives you a really great perspective on their religious background. You can also visit the castle & see the royal suites.

As you can tell it was a beautiful day & we weren’t even expecting the sun. Thank God I had packed a few summer bits just incase!! The day was beautiful & we ended racking up 14,000 steps so it involved a hella lot of walking. By the time we made it back to the main square we were knackered  so we decided to grab a few snacks, head back to the apartment & think about dinner at another time. We ended up crashing & missing dinner but it was a really nice end to a long day. 

Shelley xx

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Krakow street view Pinterest


  1. September 21, 2017 / 6:14 pm

    I haven't been in this city but it looks lovely.
    Great photos


    • September 22, 2017 / 11:30 am

      Thankyou; it's a really beautiful city to visit!!

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