Exploring Paris; Montmartre & The Louvre

Day one

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally time to tell you about my Paris trip where we stayed in Montmartre. The trip was actually a surprise for Jacob’s birthday so it was special for the both of us! First stop was getting the Eurostar into Paris which was the cheapest option by miles. Neither of us had ever used it but other than the weird airport style security it was pretty easy. It was a comfortable enough journey & we got to nap which was definitely needed since it was stupid o’clock in the morning. 

Once we got into Paris we had to work out the metro system which I had downloaded the app to try & make it easier. Turns out the route it suggested we couldn’t use cause of closures so we had to ask which way to go & then hope we remembered the instructions. Also who knew the metro was so cheap; a weekend ticket cost us the same as it does for a return to London. Blooming shocking our transport prices are. 

So we finally made it to Montmartre & found our beautiful apartment which had tonnes of stair to reach. It was so worth the effort because our room was so modern & lush. I could have lived there the whole weekend tbh. I did a walkthrough on Insta & there’s a video coming your way next instalment so you’ll understand what I mean! 

I have to admit we did have a little bit of lazy morning just unpacking & attempting to freshen ourselves up a little. It was boiling & I know England has had this heatwave recently but I was not ready for the heat in Paris. Once we had sorted ourselves out we decided to head into Montmartre to have a proper look around & it’s such a quaint area. There’s coffee shops everywhere & it has the most beautiful buildings all around. It’s honestly my favourite part of Paris & I picked it because I know how much Jacob loves coffee & it’s the artistic part of town. After climbing a gazillion stairs because everything is uphill in Montmartre we headed to the Sacre-Coeur basilica which was breathtaking. It was literally just around the corner from our apartment so it took about 10 minutes uphill to reach it. The amount of people there was crazy but I did take some cute snaps of the area. Inside the church you aren’t allowed to take pictures so of course I didn’t, that didn’t stop others doing so though. I find it so disrespectful taking pictures in churches especially when they request you don’t. The interior was beautiful but just wandering around looking at the pieces was enough, pictures weren’t needed.

We also bought tickets to explore the roof so we could see the views of Paris & it was so cheap! We walked up yet another gazillion stairs but the view was so worth it. I took soo many gorgeous pictures & I just loved looking out & seeing the infrastructure of Paris. I love how the buildings are all set in exact rows & are colourful. Just makes such a difference to the London layout. Exploring Paris; Montmartre & The Louvre - la maison rose Exploring Paris; Montmartre & The Louvre - graffiti & mulin rouge collage Once we had hit the first tourist spot of our trip we headed through Montmartre to explore the town but also find the Moulin Rouge. The streets were full of people, patisseries & beautiful restaurants. We finally found Moulin Rouge & well it wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought but it was still some where we had to visit. The building was just in the middle of town & there was lots of people trying to get the Insta photo. It was worth the miles we walked just to see the iconic hotspot but we were shattered by this stage so we hunted down food then headed home to rest! Plus we were still addicted to Grey’s anatomy so y’no gotta catch up.

Day two

Exploring Paris; Montmartre & The Louvre - louvre collageExploring Paris; Montmartre & The Louvre - the Louvre exhibition collage Exploring Paris; Montmartre & The Louvre - decor in Louvre The second day kicked off with an early start because I had booked tickets to the Louvre & I opted for the early slot to try to avoid mounds of people. Turns out its always too busy but hey it was an experience! The Louvre was beautiful & huge so it took us a good few hours to really explore. We decided to head to the Egypt section first & well we got lost in there! The exhibitions are spread over different floors so you end up wandering up & down like a yo-yo trying to see it all. The interiors were amazing in the Louvre & we took so many pictures, it was just lush. Of course we saw the Mona Lisa but tbh I’m not hugely fussed, it’s more of an Insta moment for people these days then actually being a good piece of art.

We decided to head out after a few hours because there’s only so much you can see & we wanted to explore the grounds. Course I had to attempt a snap outside with the glass pyramid but it was impossible. We headed a bit further into town for food in the end but we had burgers by the river which was fab. Exploring Paris; Montmartre & The Louvre - Eiffel Tower collage

After seeing the Louvre we thought we may swell hunt down the Eiffel Tower because why not? You can see it just about anywhere so it wouldn’t be so hard to find…. Turns out it wasn’t the worst walk in the world but I don’t see why we didn’t make more use of our metro cards. The closer you get the more people there seems to be but we were determined to give it a go. It was Jacob’s first time & my second so hey you can’t come Paris without going to the Eiffel Tower right?

We queued for ages & the funniest thing is so many people were in our queue for stairs yet as soon as they got near the front & realised they would leave & go join the lift queue. Just why???? You’ve queued for an hour here! I didn’t mind taking the stairs cause the lift would just freak me out anyhow & it’s soo much cheaper. Turns out if you’re under 25 (thank god it was Jacob’s birthday & not mine) you get a discount too.

Up we went & out came my anxiety.. it was terrible. I was panicking & well the Eiffel Tower is essentially pretty scaffolding so it does not feel safe at all. We made it to the first floor, wandered round & both decided the next set of stairs looked even more untrustworthy & headed down. Maybe it was a waste of the time we spent queuing but hey we still went up & got to see the pretty views. Just cause we weren’t prepared to go to the top (like we had paid for) didn’t mean it wasn’t a great experience to do.   Exploring Paris; Montmartre & The Louvre -view from Eiffel Tower Last on the list was getting those bloggery photos in front of the Eiffel Tower which I think look fabulous if I do say so myself! It was boiling, it was busy & we were both shattered but it was my one request. Then it was time to head home, order Pizza Hut & wait outside hoping the guy could find us! Crazy day indeed but such a fab experience.

Part two & my mini Paris vlog will be coming very soon & forgive me for being a terrible blogger recently we just moved house so an update will also be coming very soon!

Shelley xx

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