Exploring Paris; Tourist Hotspots & Macaroons Shopping

Exploring Paris; Tourist Hotspots & Macaroons Shopping - boat, outfit & nitre-dame collage Time for part two of the Paris diaries & well day three was all about hitting the tourist hotspots. We had gotten the Eiffel Tower out the way so it was now all about ticking of the other places on our list. This was our final full day in Paris so we wanted to make the most of it & by the achy feet we had that evening I think we did a good job! Exploring Paris; Tourist Hotspots & Macaroons Shopping - arc de triomphe To kick off our day we took the metro to see the arc de triomphe which wasn’t too far away. We had a look around, took a few photos then decided to talk a walk down the river to see the Notre dame cathedral which was surprisingly nice. We didn’t opt to go to the top off the arc de triomphe purely because it wasn’t cheap & we’ve already seen the Paris skyline enough.

The walk wasn’t too bad & we got to see a bunch of place along the way. I wish we had opted to by a museum pass because there were lots we would have popped into but we didn’t want to pay for each one. Definitely an option for our next visit.
Exploring Paris; Tourist Hotspots & Macaroons Shopping - bridge, statue & love lock bridge collageExploring Paris; Tourist Hotspots & Macaroons Shopping - river Eiffel Tower Exploring Paris; Tourist Hotspots & Macaroons Shopping - statue & river collage We decided to stop off along the way & take a rest by the river which was lush. It was sunny & the views were lush. Lots of people had stopped to have a spot of lunch too & there was great opportunity to take photos. I actually took my Caseapp photos along the river featured above because it just looked stunning.

It was such a nice day & I’m so glad we decided to walk rather than take the metro. I love the structures in Paris & all the street markets are divine. We didn’t take cash with us so luckily we didn’t end up splurging; Paris is expensive enough. We then headed to a cute Italian restaurant for lunch which did the most amazing lasagne! I was so pleased cause this girl loves a lasagne.
Exploring Paris; Tourist Hotspots & Macaroons Shopping - graveyard & cemetery collage

Our final stop of the day was Père Lachaise Cemetery which was a last minute decision. I was scouring google maps for tourist spots & this came up. Its just something different & well I love exploring cemeteries even if that sounds a bit morbid. This cemetery actually has a few famous graves so it was interesting trying to navigate the map & find them! We saw Oscar wilde’s grave but we weren’t interested in many others.

The crematoria on the other hand was beautiful. I know that probably sounds weird as hell but just look at it. It was such a beautiful place to lay your loved on to rest. The slates laid out to honour those dead was also breathtaking. I’m so glad we decided to head to the cemetery.

There’s actually tombs you can visit in Paris but I didn’t find that out till we return so that’s next on our list for our second visit. After the cemetery we decided to head home order Pizza Hut & crash which was a lush way to end our trip.

Our final day was only a half day as we were heading back on the Eurostar so we decided to do some shopping & headed to the local bakeries to pick up supplies. I bought soo many pastries & I was more than happy to visit every macaroon store we could find. We ended up coming home with loads & I loved it!

I have to admit Paris wasn’t a favourite destination of mine as I had visited when I was younger & didn’t see the beauty I did this time round. Now I can’t wait to revisit time & time again. Paris has slowly become one of my favourite places. I’d love to visit Disneyland next time so that’s definitely a trip we need to plan soon.

I decided to mini vlog our trip using my phone & I’m so happy I did. I’m going to do the same for future trips & I wish I had filmed  Dublin. I hope you enjoy my mini vlog & let me know if you’d like to see any more!

Shelley xx

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