Eyebrows: Waxing vs.Threading



Since I left education eyebrows have suddenly become this massive craze, which of course isn’t a bad thing. But as a complete novice as myself learning the fill and shape my brows constantly was a skill that took a long time to learn. Luckily this craze did not appear till I was older enough to know a few things. I wasn’t able to damage my brows like the majority of people have. Thank God I didn’t join in on the shaving a slit in your brow phase, or skinny brows. I am blessed (I say blessed now but it was hell as a teenager) with big bushy brows. Luckily I just need a bit of up-keep from a technician every few weeks and a touch of eyebrow pencil to extend them. No tinting or drawing on for me, but I do have to get them shaped quite frequent so I thought I’d compare the two methods I’ve used. I’ve never been one for tweezing so here goes. 


I started off with threading after a god awful waxing experience. I was recommended threading by a bunch of technicians due to the thickness of my brows and loved it ever since. It’s a pretty complicated process and I believe it originated in Asia, you basically use two sections of thread to pull out the hairs. It’s very strange to watch at first as the technician does hold thread in her mouth and use both hands but it’s super precise. It’s not pain free and it isn’t the quickest process but it gives a super sleek result. The pain is about 6 out of 10. You also have to pull your skin tight to help the process. In general I’d say threading is my preferred method because of the thickness of my brows but it’s hard to find a good technician near me as it’s a skill not usually taught in beauty school. If I’m ever in Cardiff I’ll definitely get it down!! If you are look for a precise, sleek look and prepared for a little more pain this is the method to go for!!


We all know the waxing process so I won’t waste your time explaining it. The pain scale is pretty low for myself I’d say a 4/10. Plus its usually pretty quick to and there’s no need to pull the skin. Usually the technician will clean up the edges with tweezing afterwards so you can tell it’s not as precise. I don’t dislike waxing but for my brows I think it doesn’t seem to give me a sleek look, or last very long. My hair grows back quite quickly so I need a method that will keep it sleek as long as possible. However I have found waxing is more readily available and your technician is more open to adapting their waxing to suit your brows. I used waxing to thicken and even out my brows as they were thinned way too much through threading!! 

As you can probably tell from the photos both methods work well enough to give you good brows but obviously my brows are thicker on the waxing photos but sleeker on the threading photos. I’m sorry if this post is a bit of a ramble but I thought I’d do something for my younger readers who are looking to try something new!!

Shelley xx

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