Eyelash Extensions: My experience!!

So this past month I’ve found a new beauty addiction to spend money on; eyelash extensions. I’m son new to this world of eyelashes as I’ve never been one for strips. I don’t have the steady hand to put glue anywhere near my eyeball, but working in the salon made me eager to try out extensions and of course I’m loving it. I’ve currently had two different sets but two technicians so I thought I’d show you the results and share my views. The images above were taken by Anastasia whilst the process (second set).

(First set- Shine Hair and beauty, Skewen)

Please ignore the fact I’m using Iphone selfies but I didn’t plan ahead I’m afraid so they’ll have to do. My main reason for getting extensions was my friends were visiting so I wanted to look nice for our night out. At the salon I work at Jade our beautician does a range of treatments and is a whizz at perfecting my brows. I decided to of course go to her first and see gave me a set of extensions. At first I thought they were individual lashes however my second professional did say they were most likely clusters. I honestly did not mind at all and it gives me a better perspective on what I’d prefer in the future. This set was odd to get as I’ve never had them before, but you basically lay with your eyes shut and let them do their thing. Opening my eyes was a bit fuzzy as the glue did take a while to fully dry so your technician will pre-warn you!! This set lasted about a week and was a really 3D effect. They were uber glam and I loved them. However as they were so 3D I did have an eyelash haze for a while in my vision. As they were clusters they didn’t last as long and began to fall out mainly in my right eye after a week. I think clusters are better suited for a short period or an event. The only issue I had with this set, was the glue as they did seem a bit gluey in my opinion!!

(Second set – Anastasia’s beauty services, mobile)

Because my first set began to fall out, one morning they look super un-even and Jade couldn’t fix them on the day I contacted a local mobile technician. Luckily she had a free slot and visited my home for a small petrol cost and removed my previous set and gave me a full set of individual lashes. Removing my first set was slightly difficult due to the glue but was pain free at all times. The process of placing individual lashes only differed as she taped below my eyes and took about an 1hr30. This time round I went for a more natural look with a more curved lash. This meant once they were done I felt no difference at all. They were literally extending and filling my natural lashes further. This set lasted again about a week and a half which I was disappointed in as they are meant to last 2-4 weeks. However after contacting Anastasia we came to the conclusion the removal process before may have made the glue less effective. Luckily Anastasia agreed to give me a free infill, which I’m super happy with. Anastasia does complete sets as well as infills, natural lashes, 2D or 3D lashes. 

I loved both sets but in future I’d definitely go for individual lashes over clusters as I’m looking for a longer lasting effect. Having extensions means you don’t have to bother with mascara or worry if you’re going make-up free. Below I have linked each technicians info, the salon is also where I get all my hair and beauty treatments on a regular basis and sometimes work 🙂 

Shelley xx

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