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fashion throughout the years - Gemma hall

Since I’m out & about a lot this month I decided to open ByBusby up to guest posts & the lovely Gemma Hall offered to write a style post for you lovely lot. It’s the first time I’ve had a guest post on here but I’m really looking forward to adding more over this year. Gemma is a mum to two children and has recently changed career from accountancy to internet marketing. She runs Waist Trainer UK and writes a blog as Mummy’s Waisted, which features healthy living and family life.

How my style has evolved 

I like to dress well, or at least feel proud of how I look when I go out of the house. OK, so I’ll hold my hands up and say that I’ve never been a true fashionista, but I’ve always take pride in my appearance. Or at least, so I thought! I was looking through some old photos the other day, and found some of me as a teenager. It really made me reminisce about how my ‘style’ has evolved since I’d been able to choose my own clothes. 


 I started secondary school in the mid-nineties and some of my earliest memories are of early evening sessions at my school’s youth club. I had fierce intentions of acquiring the platform black plimpsolls that all my friends were wearing, but alas, my mum deemed them ‘not sensible enough’ for school. Back in those days, Tammy Girl was the go-to shop of choice. 

 Towards the end of secondary school, I had met my boyfriend (later to turn into my husband), who was a big fan of grunge music. I thought I was the bees-knees, and in an effort to be cool and alternative, I dyed my hair black and wore band t-shirts under my school uniform (including a very cringey Marilyn Manson one on non-uniform day!) 


 In my twenties, I ditched the wannabe rock chick look and embraced something a bit more mainstream. I had started in the world of employment, as an accountant in a local company. My work wardrobe consisted of Next and M&S suits, but I did try to liven it up a bit with coloured shirts and shoes (not entirely practical for trips around operational sites though!) 

 Outside of work I was an avid fan of fashion and lifestyle magazines, at one point having four a month on subscription! I followed the latest trends as much as my small salary would allow, shopping in the likes of Topshop and River Island. I wore a military jacket, gladiator sandals, aviator sunglasses, low cut embroidered bootcut jeans and had a Mischa Barton bag (all with a trendy long bob that went up at the back!) 


As I entered my thirties, I had a kind of hiatus from thinking about my clothes, as I concentrated on having my two children. I definitely fulfilled the cliché of wearing the same underwear as you had done before pregnancy (and the jeans and the tops…) 

As my children get older and a bit more self-sufficient, I find the excitement I used to feel about clothes returning. As I look around on the school run and at soft play, there definitely seems to be an informal mums’ uniform of skinny jeans, brown ankle boots and some form of slouchy jumper, perhaps with a slogan declaring that you are #MumBossing it?! My inspiration tends to come from Mumsnet Recommended rather than Cosmo or Marie Claire. 

Claudia Winkleman recently wrote in The Sunday Times about making an effort while not making an effort…. I’ve got that nailed!

– Gemma Hall 

I really enjoyed reading Gemma’s post & I hope you did too. If you would like to hear more from here you can find her blog here, Instagram here, twitter here & Facebook here. I would love to have more people write for ByBusby to if you think you’re the right fit for my blog please pop me an email with your ideas!

Shelley xx

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