Feeling Sassy In Polka Dots

Feeling sassy in polka dots - full outfit front view

I was going to use this outfit for a lifestyle post but then I realised that I felt sassy as hell in these polka dot jeans & thought what the heck lets just do an old school fashion post! It has been a while since I’ve done a flat out style post but this outfit was too good (in my opinion ofc) to not write about. Yes you’ve probably seen these jeans on a bunch of other bloggers but sometimes you have to follow the trend when it’s something you love.

Feeling sassy in polka dots - full outfit front view Feeling sassy in polka dots - full outfit front on

I am so obsessed with polka dot at the moment so be prepared to see a lot more of them over here. I love when a trend just speaks to you & you go with it. I feel fabulous in these & they just stand out from the crowd. At first I thought god what am I going to pair them with, cause all my tops are patterned too. Turns out chucking on a graphic tee or a vest top is enough. The jeans are floaty as hell but have enough structure to keep the shape. They have a o-ring zip & actually have belt buckles which is a miracle considering they are from Topshop (anyone else wish Joni jeans could be belted?). I just love them & I’ve been wearing them to death.

Feeling sassy in polka dots - full outfit side onFeeling sassy in polka dots - T-shirt close up heres the thing fuck everyone

Plus I bought this awesome tee from the my favourite murder tour & it pretty sums up my attitude. Let’s just say working in customer service has drained my people skills. It pairs so well with these jeans so when I bunged this on in Dublin I had to shot it. Chucking on my go to converse & a biker jacket just brought the whole look together. It just feels very me & that makes me feel fab. There’s not much else to it really; when you feel great you have to shout it from the rooftops & who really cares about outfit repeating these day anyway!

Feeling sassy in polka dots - full outfit side view

Jacket: Ebay (Topshop) | Top: My favourite murder merch | Jeans: Topshop | Converse: Vintage | Sunglasses: Primark

Feeling sassy in polka dots - full outfit front view Feeling sassy in polka dots - full outfit side view

Sometimes I wonder if people outside the blogosphere really care as much as us in it. Do they care about the IT items we all seem to purchase? Or how much effort we put into outfits just for a few pics? I feel like our blogger bubble really puts on unnecessary worry when it comes to our style. Sometimes those outfits we throw together look bloody amazing & make us feel fab & that’s all that matters.

Prepare for the polka dot spam guys, there’s definitely more to come……

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Shelley xx

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