Feeling The Pressure Of Trends & Fitting In

Feeling The Pressure Of Trends & When They Don't Work For You - denim jumpsuit

I’m a alternative style/lifestyle blogger which must mean I am all for trends & want to keep up with them right?

Wrong… Yes I do love to post my style & I actually do like fashion in the sense I love a clothes haul & a shoe shop. But in reality I don’t particular care about trends. If I already like something thats now trendy then sure I’m jumping on it but there are times when I just can’t follow a trend for the sake of fashion.

To quote the fabulous Tan France“Style is not fashion. Fashion is not trendy after a season. Honestly, I couldn’t give a shit about fashion. Style is dressing the way that you feel confident and what is appropriate for you, your age, your body type.”

Trends are something that I really tried to get on board with but as someone who is not really in the fashion industry I wasn’t very good at it. I thought just like everyone else as a teenager that I had to be trendy to fit in but then I realised personal style is much more important.

Feeling The Pressure Of Trends & When They Don't Work For You - full outfit; jumpsuit & boots Feeling The Pressure Of Trends & When They Don't Work For You - jumpsuit closeup

What’s with this pressure to follow trends?

Is it just me or do we all feel this pressure at some point? Like I said above as a teenager I wanted to be trendy to fit in. I had the chavy backpack that everyone did & I wanted to wear my skirt as short as everyone else did. I then of course went through the emo/scene phase. I think everyone follows trends as a teenager because that’s the way to feel accepted.

Remember when your mum wouldn’t buy you the IT item & you wanted to die inside??

As you get older I think this need to be trendy settles down & you find your own path but trends don’t go away. The fashion industry is based on trends. Yes it’s based on seasons but trends are all over the place. I never really noticed how much they were pushed on us until I started paying attention to fashion bloggers.

Fashion blogging has always been about being current. Your audience has to be able to shop it for it to be relevant which makes total sense in the fast fashion industry but it’s only recently I’ve seen trends be so important. Maybe I just wasn’t paying as much attention before. Maybe I just liked the trends at the time (disco pants anyone??). Either way I never felt that it was that big of the deal but now days it feels a lot more like pressure to be on trend & a lot less about personal style.

Feeling The Pressure Of Trends & When They Don't Work For You - closeup Feeling The Pressure Of Trends & When They Don't Work For You - closeup of jumpsuit

Trends vs personal style

I totally get that fashion bloggers follow trends because they are the current go to items, people are much more likely to click on your links & you’re much more likely to make commission of it. Brilliant!

But doesn’t that make the blogosphere a little boring? If we all have that IT item we’re styling we’re bound to somewhat look the same. Copying is bound to happen & everyones feed will just look the same….

Plus not every trend suits every person. There are trends that I just couldn’t get on board with because I just don’t really like them. They just don’t fit my style & I really don’t want to feel like I have to make them work to be a fashion blogger.

I really wasn’t getting on board with leopard print. I don’t care how many times it comes around & makes a big splash there’s just something too Kat Slater about it. That’s not me saying those girls aren’t out there rocking leopard print because damn they do but it just doesn’t feel right on me.

I need to feel comfortable & confident in what I’m wearing because otherwise I’ll look poop. I’ll also feel poop & what’s the point in that. I can’t do the midi skirt trend any justice either & I really wish I could. I’m just not good at pairing things with them & they just don’t want to work with my proportions I guess.

When it came to animal print I kinda had my own spin on it by picking out zebra print because I love monochrome & I tried out snake print because it already worked with clothes I had. That’s the thing I incorporated only what worked with my personal style. Things I felt good in. Maybe they were on trend but they are things I can re-wear & work with the style I already love.

Feeling The Pressure Of Trends & When They Don't Work For You - full outfit; jumpsuit & boots

Feeling The Pressure Of Trends & When They Don't Work For You - jumpsuit closeup

Personal style is so much more important than fitting it with the newest trend because it is evergreen. It is you, it is unique & well it makes you feel fabulous. Trends come & go but if you find a style you love those items you bought won’t lose value. Buying things just because they are trendy will just create a wardrobe that needs replenishing whereas shopping for your style will create a wearable wardrobe years to come.

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Shelley xx

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