Festive Haul || Christmas Gifts & Sale Purchases

I know I’m a little late with the whole “what I got for Christmas post” but hey ho it’s still January so why not? I’ve loved reading everyone’s posts on my feed & I wanted to try something a little different with my flatlays so I though what the heck let’s share my festive haul. I’m actually really happy with how the photos turned out & lets pray this is the start of better flatlays for ByBusby.

festive haul

Happiness planner | Sarah Millican book | Kat Von D tattoo liner | Too Faced better than sex mascara | Lush fun | Lush refresher jelly | Sanctuary spa gift set | Joni ripped knee jeans

festive haul close up

To kick off with my selection of presents I received from both mine & my welsh family. I was really blessed this year with gifts I’ve been lusting over & in reality I’ve been pretty spoilt.

First things first Jacob’s parent’s purchased me a happiness planner which as a blogger you’ve probably heard of. They’re totally Instagram worthy but also the concept is amazing. I needed a new daily planner & this is perfect. I’ll probably feature it in a blog post so you’ll get a good look at a later day.

I also received a few bath/shower sets from Jacob’s siblings which have definitely come in handy. Of course Lush is a firm favourite (the refresher smells amazing) but I’ve also a new brand to try out in the form of sanctuary spa. My mum’s not happy with the collection I’m growing considering I’ve taken up most the bathroom already… oops 

festive haul closeup

Onto what Jacob spoiled me with; he really listened over the year & wrote down a mini list for himself so I was surprised by some of these gifts. Isn’t he the cutest?! 

Well he repurchased a tattoo liner which I had left in our apartment in Krakow (of course I had leave something didn’t I!) & also got me a better than sex mascara which I was eyeing up while we were in Sephora. Turns out it’s cheaper to buy online in England so I left it & kind of forgot about it. Clearly he didn’t…

Next up is my beloved Sarah Millican; how to be a champion book which I’m dying to start. She’s such a favourite of mine & I cannot wait to go see her next month. Yes I’m seeing her live & I may wet myself in excitement (I won’t really I promise). I was so happy to receive this & Jacob really knows me well.

Lastly Jacob purchased me a new pair of Joni jeans with ripped knees, granted he bought them a size too big but a quick exchange & they’re now perfect. We all know I needed a new pair considering even you can see how washed out my originals are so I’m V happy with this gift.

I did receive a few other gifts from my family & Jacob including lots of chocolate, money & a blooming iPad! When I say I was spoilt I mean it & I’m so grateful for everyone who took they time to buy me a gift.

festive haul - Boxing Day sales

Lace up jeans | Striped jumper | Ripped mom jeans | Space print shirt | Rainbow knit | Note to self | How to take great photos

Onto clothes which we’re obvs very excited about. I don’t always buy in the sales (tbh usually I just stock up on the undies) but this year I felt like I deserved a treat.

My first stop was Topshop thanks to my friend Kellsey (she’s fabulous give her a follow) who posted a picture of these lace up jeans she had just purchased & I’ve wanted them for ages thanks to Helen Anderson. Of course I went straight to Topshop & bought them. Yes they are beautiful & you will see them featured very soon.

After that purchase it was a slippery slope; I saw nasty gal had a sale & I hadn’t shopped there in ages so it was worth a browse. Two knits & a shirt later my order was done. I couldn’t resist the rainbow knit after saying it on Holly (thekittyluxe) so it went straight in my basket.

I also made a Pull & Bear order when I was feeling miserable & ill on Boxing Day; grabbed myself a new pair of mom jeans & a basic tee for £20… Bargain!

Finally we headed to west quay (s’ton) to do a spot of shopping & after a few anxiety attacks we decided to call it quits. Who knew my anxiety had got that bad but I’ve now establish crowds really aren’t my thing. On the plus side I had a peek in Urban outfitters & grabbed a couple of books. Very Insta worthy may I add so expect to see them as blog props in the future!

That’s all for my ramblings for today. I know it’s late but I do hope you’ve all had a great festive break & are settling back into work. I’m still trying to wrap my head around my sleep schedule & planning multiple trips away to avoid working! Please link me your festive hauls below so I can be nosey.

Shelley xx

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festive haul - Christmas & Boxing Day haul

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