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skincare haul

I have to let you guys into a secret; until a short while ago I really didn’t know what skincare was suited to me nor what skin type I really had. Shocker right? Well we all know that I can be pretty lazy & other than a daily moisturiser & make-up removal I never really bothered with a skincare routine. I can finally say that I’ve upped my skincare & I’m loving the results, so here’s a few things I’ve collected.

skincare collection

jojoba oil

From my own understanding I believe I have combination skin but I plan to speak to a specialist soon so I can really determine what I need. I’m luckily to not suffer from many problems but the few I do have I want to keep on top of.

The problems I do have are as following; dry patches (especially around my T-zone), redness, oily patches & the most irritating pores of all time. I guess if I’m only going to have minor problems then my pores have to be evil, it’s only fair right?

Well to compact these problems I’ve decided to up my skincare & actually create a routine I can stick to. To start of with I’ve invested in oils that will actually give my face the moisture it needs. I’m fully aware that the body shop’s seaweed toner is for more oily skin & I tend to only get patches but I wanted something to balance it all out. The product smells divine & is really great for removing make-up so if anything it’s really helping me to cleanse.

I also recently invested in jojoba oil which is now an absolutely favourite of mine. It’s a handy product to use at night or to add to your make-up & as it has antibacterial properties it’s great for stopping those pimples. The anti inflammatory aspects really reduces my redness & it’s able to moisturise whilst balancing out my oil production so it’s an all rounder for me.

lush elbow grease

Nip & fab exfoliating scrub

Next onto exfoliating which I think I’ve got down to a tee, well by this stage I can’t see how I haven’t. It’s the one thing that I do on a regular basis & if you didn’t see my soap & glory review then you probably don’t know about my holy grail product (the greatest scrub of them all) but I thought I’d branch out.

I picked up the nip & fab products from work for a ridiculous good price & I’ve been testing them out. They are a lot stronger than my S&G product so are great a using on a less regularly basis. I use the serum after the scrub & they do get rid of my dry patches & reduce my pores. They are a lot rougher so I don’t want to over do it when it comes to my sensitive skin.

Your good skin products

If you follow me on Instagram you may have notice I was sent a collection of products from your good skin which I’ve been testing as part of their #28daychallenge compaign. I’m actually loving their *instant dryness rescue which I use mainly on my t-zone & in my eyebrows (I know weird!) & it’s really working.

I’ve also used their balancing skin concentrate which is meant to be an all rounder. It does give you the added moisture that your skin is missing & does make your skin feel flawless. I haven’t finished my 28 days so it’ll be good to see the results & see if it’s 5 aspects really work.

Lush bewitched bubble bar

Skincare collection

To finish off I thought it’s only fair to give Lush a mention as I’ve used different products from them over time. This time I didn’t opt for their usual products but decided to jump on the elbow grease trend & give it a go. It’s actually a fab product & if you’re tattooed like me then it’s a good investment. It helps keep your art fresh & vibrant which with the amount of colour I have is really handy.

I also had to show the cute bubble bar I purchased; bewitched which at first glance I thought was meant to be a bat but turns out is a cat. I am yet to use it but the deep fragrance really drew me in & it’s meant to turn the water black!! Let hope it better than the secrets arts bomb that truly disappointed me.

Well that’s all from me today & hopefully with this new haul of products I can keep my skin looking fresh. I’m hoping to do a skincare routine very soon so let me know if you’re interested in hearing more from me on this topic. If you have go to products that you think will work for me please let me know!

 Shelley xx

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