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Hair chalk: *Flashmob Cosmetics*

I was sent these lovely hair chalks by Flashmob cosmetics which stock at Argos for us UK bloggers. I finally found time to test them so here’s my review!! 


In this set there is three colours; pink, purple and orange. There are a few more sets available with different colours but of course I went for the purple/pink set. As you can see they come in a small compact. It’s rather good at keeping the chalk in place and stopping it from making a mess, but I have found my purple compact doesn’t want to clip into place. The sponge is in place to help you during the application process but can be removed.  

As you can see the colours are really vibrant and on my patch test the colour transfers really well. Since they are small compacts you want them to last and these will last for a bunch of full head applications. They are really great value for money. 

I thought I’d do a little tutorial section for you following the instruction given. As you can see I use my hair extensions which are real hair so it has the same result. The instructions state to place the bottom layer of the hair on the sponge so the chalk is on the top. Then close the compact slightly and pull down the section. That is a good way of doing it but if you malt as much as me you don’t want to be dragging your hair through a compact. 

I decided to test on my fringe using this method then padding more colour with the sponge which is an alternative application.

I applied purple and some pink to my fringe and as you can see the colour transfers really well. I would say hair chalks are probably best suited for people with blonde hair as the results are more vibrant. The colour difference does show on my hair but it’s a very subtle change. Once you applied the colour you hairspray it in place and wash it out when ready.

Overall I do like the product, for a fiver it’s great value for money. I would have more use out of it if I had a neutral hair colour but that’s my preference. The hair chalks themselves are really well pigmented and easy to use. I have found some slight issues, such as the compacts not closing and the chalks being rather messy. However when has chalk not been messy? I have found even once hairsprayed in place sometimes the colour still transfers but it is still chalk at the end of the day. 

If you are looking to add a bit of colour to your hair I would recommend these, even if it’s to test your next hair colour. You’ll get a lot use out of one compact and it’s still only £5!!

Store: argos.co.uk

Instagram: instagram.com/flashmobcosmeticsuk

Twitter: twitter.com/flashmobmakeup

Facebook: www.facebook.com/flashmobcosmeticsuk

Shelley xx

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