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From blogger to WordPress - laptop & cacti flatlay

When it comes to blogging I’m a bit of an expert & a bit of a novice. I think every blogger probably has their strengths & weakness when it comes to the aspects of blogging you readers don’t see. My weakness is the techy side; I can use basic coding & I can pretty much sort out a good layout but when it comes to domains & hosting my brain just doesn’t quite get it. Blogging can be a bit of a headache at times so when I decide to take the plunge & go self hosted I invested in Pipdig’s migration service.

I used blogger for years; it was a great place to start a blog & offered everything I needed. I would still recommend it to anyone thinking of starting a blog because it’s simple. That’s all you need when you start out; a easy to navigate site, a simple blog layout & inspiration. I didn’t find blogger held me back to much, I could do everything I wanted to & once I bought my own domain I felt really happy with my blog.

From blogger to WordPress - book & cacti

I decided I wanted to move over to WordPress because I wanted to go self hosted. After a little research I decided that WordPress would be a better option & it comes with a bunch of bonuses. I have much more control over my site, layout & I’ve got a bunch of plugins which help me run my site run better. The biggest draw was the the yoast plugin for SEO optimising & the built in google analytics stats.

Turns out it is a better option for me & I love my new site. It just works for me & I would recommend it for bloggers who want to take their site to a new level. Migrating was the difficult bit for me, I didn’t want to spend too much but I also knew I wouldn’t be able to do it by myself. Even sorting out my own domain was hard so when I saw Pipdig had a Black Friday sale I jumped at the chance. I think every blogger took advantage by the looks of twitter feed.

My site was left in Phil’s hands & he did the best job. My site was moved over in a couple of days, it never went down so my readers were able to access it during the move & I got a new layout alongside it. It may not be the most affordable option for everyone but I would recommend it. They even fixed my domain issues which was a blessing!

From blogger to WordPress - laptop flatlay with cacti

The only drawback was the hosting which you are required to go with Siteground. Pipdig have a affiliate scheme with them so obviously they request you purchase hosting with them & even though I haven’t had issues so far I don’t think I’ll stick with them. The cost was really affordable for the first purchase but in the long run I think it will get a bit too expensive for me.

I recently moved my domain over to lyrical host which is run by Jenni. They are uber helpful & moved my domain over with ease. I just love their customer service; it’s perfect for someone like me. I’ll be moving over my hosting when my siteground renewal is up. They offer a great service & well with my not so techy brain they’re always on hand to help. You can also get 10% off your first hosting plan with my code BYBUSBY10 so if you decide to move over like me make sure to use the code to save some money.

So that’s my blogger to WordPress migration story & I’m not going to lie, it was super simple & I love my new site. I probably wouldn’t be saying that if it wasn’t for Pipdig or Lyrical host so I do owe them all the credit. I hope you all like my new site too because I’ve been putting in a lot of effort this year to get my blog to a higher standard!

Shelley xx

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