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From concept to promotion - me working from behindIt’s finally time to share the rest of the content I shot while I was in our beauts cabin all the way back in march. God I’m so pre-prepared this year compared to previous but hey I’m learning & well it’s kind of fitting since today’s post is all about my blog process. All the way from concept to promotion. It’s time for you to grab a coffee/tea & enjoy my nattering.

I think this year I have pretty much honed my skills when it comes to blogging, I’ve taken it much more seriously & well I’m constantly trying to develop my brand. I feel like I’m way more productive so thought I’d share it with you guys & maybe compare notes. 


From concept to promotion - me on laptop in bedWhen it comes to creating ideas for ByBusby its very much on a whim. I’m never really too strict on myself when it comes to creating content because I tend to get in a rut where my brain is like no more please & thank you. The ideas I have right now are things that have been going on so I have a bunch of travel ideas, a few blogging, a couple of skincare & a few outfits. Usually that’s the norm for me, plus any content I’m creating for brands.

I tend to jot down my ideas on the notes on my phone because they seem to crop up at stupid times like when I’m trying to sleep. There’s a big old mish-map of ideas on my phone but then I go through them & pop them in my bullet journal.

My bullet journal has been a life saver because I can put all my ideas, create brain storms & organise monthly plans. I create a page for each month where I list the content I’ll be posting, photos I need to take & ideas that I’ve had that month. It’s so simple but it’s working so well for me.

From concept to promotion - me on phone

So once I’ve got a bunch of ideas I try to organise them somehow, recently that’s been creating brain maps (who knew things we did in school would actually be helpful?) & just see what categories I have. I try to not overload one category on my blog each month & keep it varied. I separate them all into when I want them posted then work on my monthly plans.

Right now I have my plan for June & July create plus I know what content I’m aiming for in August. Who knew I could be so organised. My June content is all listed with dates for posting, then I mark if I’ve done photos & tick them off once scheduled. Luckily I have all my photos done for June so I’m working on prepping for July.

Photos are probably the most stressful for me because I’m still trying to improve my skills. I’m quite a visual person so I do like to have photos done before writing but if I have a deadline sometimes I’ll switch it around. I tend to take a batch load of photos then edit as I need them. The site I use edit on is the Fotor app, then I also batch resize the photos & organise them in a post & tend to leave it as a draft.

Once the photo side is all done, I just have to write & sometimes that is pretty easy but others not soo much. Today I’ve written four posts & I’ve found it really simple but sometimes I leave ideas a little too long & get lost when writing it up. It’s all about balancing my ideas & sometimes shaking things up.

From concept to promotion - me on laptop side view

Now I have WordPress I do all the SEO business with the help of yoast so this is the final step of the writing process for me. I make sure its in the green for good & then schedule the post! I also create hidden Pinterest graphics usually last minute or in a batch but they’re for my promotional side so I sometimes leave them a little too late!

When it comes to promoting the post I use google’s campaign url builder so I can track it all in my analytics. I enter the url & edit the options to fit where the link is heading & then shorten it with bit links. My Insta bio, twitter bio & Facebook links are all shortened on but my twitter posts are actually shortened within the buffer app. The only site I schedule posts for is twitter because I like to keep my feed active but the other sites are updated on the day of posting usually in the evening cause my feed is more active then.

So that is my concept to promotion method as of right now & I’m pretty happy with it. There’s so much more I’d like to do with ByBusby but that’s a process so I can’t wait to see what I can achieve by the end of the year. I’d love to know if you’ve got any tips to hone my skills even more so leave them in the comments please!

Shelley xx

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concept to promotion - Pinterest graphic

concept to promotion - Pinterest graphic

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