Functional First Christmas Gifts For A 6 Month Old

This post contains affiliate links & gifted items. Functional First Christmas Gifts - bamboo plate, child's farm products, baby cup, polar bear rattle, camera, fisher price toyAh look at me on the Christmas hype… I’m usually much more of a grinch but don’t worry this will be my final themed post. As a new mum Christmas is a little daunting cause it becomes a much bigger deal & it feels likes there’s more pressure to get it right. But we’ve decided together to make this a functional first Christmas for Jasper rather than go overboard.

So instead of filling the tree with presents galore we’ve decided to buy him what he needs rather than just random stuff. Plus at 6 months he is at the next development stage so it’s the perfect time to stock up. We know he’ll enjoy it no matter what presents he gets or how we spend it so why not be functional?

On that note; what functional first Christmas gifts are we getting Jasper?

bamboo plate & fisher price toy

Weaning products

Our first stop is all the weaning goodies we’ll need because he’ll be turning 6 months just before Christmas & well we need to be prepared. I’m actually excited to start weaning which I know will sound crazy to other parents but I love seeing him try new things. I’m hoping it won’t be too stressful but at least we’ll be prepared.

A Highchair which right now I think we’re being gifted but if not we’ve got our eye on the Ikea one. It’s affordable & well all the baby stuff we’ve got from there has been really good. We might get a chair to go on our table too but for now we’re aiming to just get the freestanding chair.

Suction bowls & plates are a must & we’ve opted for the market leader bamboo bamboo. Yes I kinda love them because they are animal themed & totally cool but I also think they’ll be fun. I want to make weaning as fun as possible so we got the fox shaped plate. We also got the suction bowl & spoon set for practical reasons too.

*Gifted* Sippy cups are something we are going to try out because they are highly recommended. It just makes sense for us to teach him how to drink from a regular cup then keep using suction cups. We were kindly gifted a set of sippy cups from baby cups & well aren’t they the cutest tiny cups you’ve ever seen? I’m so excited to try these out.

child's farm wash & bubble bath

Bath bits

I can safely say bath time is Jasper’s favourite & I love it. He gets ridiculously excited watching the bath fill up & then spends the whole time splashing away. Since he loves it so much I really want to invest more into things to make it even more fun. Please ignore the fact I forgot to add any of these to the flatlay.

A bath seat was the first purchase that came to mind. Now he’s nearing the stage where he can sit up I thought it’s the perfect time to invest in one. As much as he loves splashing laying down he does tend to submerge himself so a seat is the next step. Plus he can play with his toys a lot easier. It also means we can fill the bath up a little more so I don’t freeze when we bath together.

Play mitts… Okay this might not be totally functional & more to do with the fact they are totally cute but ever since I saw them on Insta I had to buy them. I think they’ll make a great addition to bath time & it gives Jasper his own bath mitts which are a lot more fun then flannels.

Bath Toys… So far we’ve only bought a couple of bath toys because Jasper doesn’t play too much with them but I’m hoping we can change that. I purchased this light up toy to add a little fun to bath time & see how he gets on. If he likes it we can get him a bunch more.

Bath products including bubble bath & wash because we seem to go through too much of it. Honestly I thought I loved a bubbly bath but Jasper adores it. We stocked up on the Child Farm favourites during the Amazon Black Friday sale so we now have enough to last a few months at least.

bamboo bowl, polar bear rattle, camera

Sensory toys

This is the fun bit because he’s slowly becoming way more interested in toys & as much as I’m already over run by them I can’t wait to get more. I’m attempting to make them functional by ensuring they are sensory & can last a good while.

A Bouncy chair is top of our list because Jasper is swiftly outgrowing his current one & his next one will be a total upgrade. I’m looking to get a jumparoo which seems to be the most recommended baby product in my life. Rather than purchasing new I’m gonna hunt one down on Facebook marketplace & save the pennies. I can’t wait to see his face light up with all the toys.

A foam puzzle mat is something I really like the look of & well I think I found an affordable alternative to the stupidly expensive ones on eBay. This one from Amazon may only be small but for now it’ll do the trick & it’s a little puzzle so hopefully it’ll keep him entertained. If he really loves the mat we can always invest in a bigger one at a later date.

Ball pit balls for our makeshift ball pit. Now he’s finally a little too big to sleep in the Moses basket (wool nest) from Mokee we are turning it into a play pool so we just need some balls to complete it.

Wooden toys are the gift we’ve been saying whenever someone asks what to get him. We’re gonna grab a few here & there while shopping too. He needs more toys that move & have sensory elements to them so we will get a few plastic ones but are hoping to focus more on wood.

Polar bear rattle which was loving made by Amy at the cotton shop. We just had to purchase the polar bear when we saw it because he loves his ghost & he’ll love this just as much. The rattle doubles up as a teether which comes in handy for sure. If you want to get your baby a little treat them honestly check out Amy’s store.

Functional First Christmas Gifts - bamboo plate, child's farm products, baby cup, polar bear rattle, camera, fisher price toy


Finally we decided that his classes count as functional first Christmas presents because they aren’t cheap & well who says they can’t be a gift. There’s a few classes I’ve seen but the two we’re gonna get for sure are;

A Sensory class because it’s about time. I know it’s terrible he hasn’t been to classes yet but between my mental health & our schedules we just haven’t attempted them. Now he’s a little bigger & interested in his surroundings I want to do a weekly class where he can explore a little more.

Swimming lessons are a top priority because he loves the pool. We did our taster lesson with water babies recently & now we just need to book in the rest of the lessons. He blooming loved it & it was a nice way to meet other parents so we’re gonna keep them up!

Even though we’re trying to make this a functional first Christmas it seems like Jasper will have a lot of presents under the tree but least we know each & every one will be thoroughly used & loved. I can’t wait to celebrate with him & watch him enjoy his presents. We may get him some personalised presents too but we might save them till next year when he’ll know a little more about Christmas.

If there’s any bits you’d highly suggest please let me know so I can add them to my list!

Shelley xx

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