Getting Organised

Has anybody else found 2017 to be an extremely busy year? Maybe It’s just me but I am very thankful that I purchased this weekly planner in January. I’ve been using it ever since (with a few lazy breaks in between) & it’s been a godsend. I’ve had journals on & off in the past but having a weekly planner is definitely the best method for me.

I tried my best to get some inside shots but it wasn’t the easiest. The journal has a simple layout; you have your initial calendar to refer to & then each four weeks are organised continuously. There’s no dates so you can start from any point & organise it how you choose. I started from the first week as it made the most sense to me but you may want to start from when you purchase. Each four weeks has a starter page, in which you have four boxes to organise your weeks broadly & a notes page. Then each week is as shown above. The seven day boxes with notes adjacent & three organisers at the bottom. I use them for the subcategories blog, food & budget. The next page is a reflection which alternates. Some have a small box & larger note section & others have the opposite. You once again have the three organisers to reflect on & a day tracker. I rarely use the day tracker but I reflect on my week as & when I complete things. It’s come in handy as I’ve had to keep track of interviews & hospital appointments. It’s definitely helped keep my blog on track too; I can note down ideas & organise when I’ll be shooting & posting content. If you like to journal there’s logs in the back for music, holidays, dreams, reading, crafts & more. Really great to combine the planner & journal format.

I’m going to be sticking to weekly planners from now on & I’ve already searched a few others to test out next year. This may not be the most instagram worthy design but it’s become a big part of my routine!! 

Shelley xx

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