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I have to break it to you guys; I wasn’t one of the people who jumped on the Pinterest hype when it first rolled around. I just didn’t need another social media account taking over my online life (which we all know Pinterest is capable of!!). I spent a good while avoiding the grasp of Pinterest but after one too many times clicking on an image to be met with the sign up page I decided to delve in.

Twenty boards & a hell of a lot of pins later I think I’ve got to grips with the Pinterest basics (as if!!) I’ve now made the decision to utilise it for blogging. It seems to be such a good site to drive traffic to your blog so it’s an easy decision to make the transition. So what am I doing to make that leap?



Create specific boards

The first step was to create boards that interested me with simple titles & descriptions. When I first started I was pinning a lot of interiors which is definitely something I love & Pinterest is the best place to go for inspiration.

From then on I’ve created boards for fashion, hair, cooking, diy & of course my newest board halloween. As much as I want to use Pinterest for blogging purposes I also want to use it for fun so boards that suited me was crucial. Obviously those focused on fashion & blogging are perfectly to help promote my content but they are also specific to my style & preferences.

I’ve created titles that are easily searchable & get to the point, following on with detailed descriptions which identify all the different content pinned. The more detailed you are the more chance your board will appear during searches. I’ve also created a board dedicated to my blog which I highly recommend!!

Switch account type

To fully utilise the extras Pinterest can offer I had to change my account from personal to business; which was surprisingly simple. Usually I hate all the bits & bobs that go along with switching accounts over but if you click on your profile icon you see a tab saying switch to business & then all you’ve got to do is rename it & add your website (optional).

I just went for my blog url as it is simple & tells you what is needed. I haven’t quite linked my blog to my account fully which I’m pretty sure is rich pins but I want to research a little further before implementing it so I don’t lose my head!! Switching accounts has given me to chance to use analytics & also a scrolling title feed (showcase feature) which looks a lot more professional.




Pin regularly

This is one I’m still trying to improve on, I have days where I pin a lot & others when I’m not active. I know if I want to utilise Pinterest to its full potential I need to be more consistent but that requires time. I’ve seen a tonne of people post about tailwind which is an app you can use to schedule like buffer for twitter. I may look into in the future but for now I’m finding my groove without any external apps.

But as for pinning I keep my content varied; adding to each board every session which also keeps my home feed interesting for me too. Of course sometimes I pin one subject more than others because like everyone else I use Pinterest to search for things; especially recipes but I try to keep each board up to date as much as I can!!

Create pinnable graphics

This is a new feature I’ve been trying; which you may have noticed. On each blog post I create a photo which I use purely for Pinterest. I’ve been testing out a few different methods but I think I’ve found one I want to stick with.

Only recently did I learn that vertical images are much more preferred on Pinterest which is something I don’t usually use on ByBusby. I’m definitely one to opt for horizontal images but I use fotor to create vertical graphics for pinning purposes only (see below).

It does make a lot of sense once you take a quick look at Pinterest & when you change to vertical it just looks more pleasing to the eye within your board. Don’t over pin your own content in one go as spamming is never a good idea. On average you should pin 20% original content & 80% from within your home feed.

So that’s four simple steps I’ve taken to improve my pin game & the next steps for me are to come to grips with my analytics & the notification system they use (I just don’t get it!!!). I am looking to follow new accounts (so link yours below) & join some group boards. Group boards are great for circulating your content so it’s a good idea to join some too. For now I’m enjoying myself creating boards that inspire me & adding to my halloween board of course!! If you have any top tips please share them below because I’m sure I’ll need all the help I can get.

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