Giving Youtube A Go

Over the past few months I’ve attempted to delve into the world of youtube & see if I can enjoy making videos alongside my blogging. I thought it was a perfect time to give it a go since I was having my breast augmentation & it’s quite a good topic to make videos about. I actually managed to complete my videos from pre to post-op so now it’s time for a spot of reflection.

I had previously used youtube & made videos so it’s not too new, however before it was mainly for tumblr questions so pretty pointless stuff. I only had my first ByBusby video which was my get to know me tag video still public. Gone are the embarrassing tumblr asks & relationship videos!!! Now I have five videos available including my Let’s talk boobs playlist & each have a pretty good amount of views.

The real question is how do I feel about youtube; which right now I’m still not sure if it’s for me. I find youtube much more of a chore than I do blogging which of course it does take a little more effect. Instead of capturing the perfect shot for a post I have to film a whole segment without embarrassing myself & then edit it before the long task of getting it uploaded to youtube (my wifi is completely rubbish!!!!!!). That’s not saying blogging is easy because a lot of hard work goes into each post but I don’t find it as stressful or as much of a chore.

Blogging to me is enjoyable as I like writing & expressing myself in this form. Youtube on the other hand I feel more under pressure & judged. At the end of the day I’m showing my face plus my mannerism whilst nattering on & trying not to look silly. It just makes me incredibly nervous. Even though it was a bit more of a struggle for me I do think it was the best way to document my journey as it showed my viewers each step of the recovery process. You got to see me fresh out of surgery looking wild & saw how I improved throughout the days. I know it was difficult to put myself out there not looking my best it gave the viewers a real representation of the recovery.

At points I really enjoyed filming videos especially the vlogs which surprised me. Once I relaxed into it the filming flowed more & the nerves left the building. I think I could potentially vlog more as I go forward & do more interesting things. No one needs to see my current daily activities!! I wouldn’t rule out filming more videos in the future; especially when I have my own space to do so. Trying to film with a noisy family is never easy.

Filming for youtube really opened my eyes & made me realise I was still worrying about being perfect & presenting myself in a way I wouldn’t be ridiculed for. Even though I’ve become so open on ByBusby I still worried that I would be judged on youtube. I guess it’s only natural when you’re showing your face & nattering on. Right now I think my main focus will be blogging & I know I can reach a wider audience with youtube but it’s not quite my thing as of yet. I’m happy with what I’ve uploaded & I wouldn’t rule it out, but for now it’ll be on the back burner.

 Video Links: Playlist 

Consultation to Pre-Op

Operation day to one day Post-Op

Two day to one week Post-Op

Final Post-Op & Question time

Shelley xx

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