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Glam Clam – Spectrum Collections

This review has been a long time coming, but I wanted to use these brushes in my routine for a while before sharing my views. No one can deny how beautiful this set is but it also has to be useful!! Luckily in this case you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

As you can see the “Glam Clam” is huge. I was honestly surprised how big the case is. On the other hand it is beautiful. Such a beautiful colour, and very useful. I’ve seen so many people stating they’ll use it as a clutch. I don’t know if I would because of the size, but if you add a chain you could definitely use it as a day bag!!! 

Now for the brushes; aren’t they beautiful? I love the colours. I’ve been eyeing up the original collections for ages, but really wanted a full set. Then this came out and it’s even more beautiful. It has such a mermaid vibe (duh!!!) and who doesn’t want to be a mermaid???? Other than the colour, the brushes are so soft its unreal!! I had high expectations for these brushes because of previous reviews but these were even better. 

These three brushes are the ones I use most. I love the flat top buffer (middle) for applying foundation. It’s honestly the best brush I’ve come across. I use a very liquid based foundation and this brush makes a little go a long way. It’s so easy to buff your foundation on to make a barely there appearance.  I use the larger powder brush (left) for multi use when contouring and applying my setting powder and it’s provides a light dusting of the products. The contouring angled brush (right) is of course great for applying shadows and I love how soft it is. You can create a really defined line.

Now for the rest!! I haven’t had to use all of the brushes because I of course own a gazillion already but I’ve tested the majority. I really love the small flat top (second to right) for applying concealer. It works really well with my benefit concealer and applies really smoothly. The blender brush (third to right) really can compete with Mac’s blender. As I own both I love to swap between the two depending if I’m using light shadows or dark in a look. The eye brushes really do make applying shadows more defined and can be used to create varied looks. I haven’t used to eye-liner or eyebrow brush yet as the products I use do not require a brush. However the lip brush is really great for creating a defined liner for any colour. 

Luckily if you aren’t looking to spend too much on brushes, Spectrum collections have released a few of the brushes separately. If you want to try one at least I’d definitely go for the flat top buffer for sure. It’s definitely a must have!! If you’re looking for a brand new set of brushes I’d say this is the one for you. 

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Shelley xx

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