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Good wash tried & tested - shampoo & conditioner in front of waterfall

Remember when I headed to that lush cabin in March for that week of relaxation? Well just before I decided to put myself out there & pitch to a couple of companies regarding creating content for ByBusby. Good wash was on the top of my list because they were a perfect fit for me & the surroundings I was planning to take the pictures for. I sent them a pitch & they actually wanted to work with me. They even invited me to visit their farm but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. 

It turns out because of the snow we couldn’t really arrange for the product to reach me while I was in the cabin but I decided to use that to my advantage & brain storm some new ideas for a shoot. I think it turned out pretty damn well if I say so myself. I used all the tips Kaye gave me from my lession & tried to create the best content I could for Good wash.

I really wanted to work with the brand because I had met them at vegfest & well not only were their products divine, their staff were so nice. I learnt soo much from the company just by having a chat with the lady at the stall that I really wanted to try their products & share them with my followers so here we are…

Good wash tried & tested - shampoo in front of waterfall

Good wash is a welsh company (already a good start) who create body & hair care products which are completely cruelty free. They are all natural which you already know I am a huge fan of & most importantly they give back to the community. They are a charitable company who focuses on helping animals & people alike.

I just really like the ethos behind the company (read more here) which made me want to work with them. They are the kind of brand that really needs to have a place in the mainstream because they work hard not only on their products but their customer service & branding.

Good wash tried & tested - shampoo & conditioner in front of waterfall

So now I’ve told you more about the company its time for the product reviews. I was sent the shampoo & conditioner set which I was most excited to try. We all know I’m on the hunt for a good cruelty free set & these were next on my list.

The products are all natural so do have a very earthy scent to them, at first I’m not gonna lie I wasn’t so keen but after a while it becomes natural to you. I’m usually one to opt for fruity scents because I just love them but these have a more rose like scent. It definitely feels more adult then the shampoos I tend to go for.

They come in pump bottles we are always handy & the shampoo is very much like a gel formulation. It’s clear & lathers pretty well. The first was isn’t very soapy but that’s normal for shampoo but the second gives you that nice lather. The conditioner is more creamy & is slightly heavier. I mainly use it on my ends to really seal in the moisture but I do tend to find I use a lot more conditioner when using natural shampoos. My hair feels a lot rougher because it hasn’t been washed in all that chemical junk so I tend to conditioned it more to get that softness I’m looking forward.

Good wash tried & tested - conditioner in front of waterfall

I was little worried about these because I previously tried all natural sets that just haven’t given me the results I’m used to but these surprised me. I now use these daily (well whenever I actually wash my hair) & only opt for my salon products before & after dyeing my hair.

For the price of the product, the quality you get & the ethos behind the brand I think these are a really good cruelty free option for people & I would happily repurchase & continue to use them as my regular set. They even do a dog wash which I think makes them blooming awesome.

Shelley xx

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*This post was written in collaboration with Good Wash & items featured we gifted*

Good wash tried & tested -pinterest graphic

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