Goodbye Resolutions, Hello Life Goals

Christmas is mainly over now for the most of us. Luckily for me I have a second celebration on the bank holiday to celebrate with my partner. I hope it was relaxing for everyone & you all got to spend quality time with those you love. To me it’s about the day itself rather than the gifts you get. I love a good present but that’s not what Christmas is about!! I had my first English Christmas celebration for two years so it was nice to spend the day with my family. Plus I had a full day off; rather lovely after working eleven hour days in the run up. I hope all my fellow retail beauties are recovered & still alive after that mad rush.

Now Christmas is wrapped up for another year; It’s time to get focusing on the new year. Here comes the new year, new me resolutions everywhere. It never works but I think we can all agree this year has been a rollercoaster. Personally for me, I feel like I’ve had to grow up fast & get my head together. It was the year of change & I lost a few people along the way. Can not wait to focus myself on a new year & reaching actual goals.

No more throw-away resolutions; here’s to making life goals!!

Let’s get on with my goals for next year. Everything is what I believe is achievable & makes sense to some one my age. Here’s to kicking myself into adulthood in style:


Move out:

Yes I have moved about quite a few times since hitting that big 18 mark, but I haven’t actually settled properly. Between moving to university & then moving to Wales I’ve kind of been bouncing about rather than investing in a home. I don’t regret anything I’ve done but this year I want to move out to somewhere that is mine. Have a place that I can call home, that I earn for myself & that I can love. There’s no huge rush but let’s hope I’m spending next Christmas in my own home!!

Learn to drive: 

This is a big one for me because I have to admit I’m not so keen which means my motivation is rubbish. However I’m at an age where I should really at least give it ago. It doesn’t mean I have to get a car or spend all my money on insurance but I want to learn & pass this year so I have the option to invest if I want to. Plus if I move back to Wales I’ll need a car!!

Look for a full time job:

I have to admit; I’m quite happy in the jobs I’m doing now but the hours are pretty difficult. The money is great & I work with lovely people. But after the new year I have to look into full time position which equal (or of course pay more than) my current wages so I can finally have a secure job which doesn’t kill me off on a regular basis. Imagine me work a 9-5!! Well let’s give it a whirl.

Save save save:

Finally I want to save money. I imagine this is most people’s goal for the year but I have things to save for & without saving I can’t reach my other goals. I’m already adding to my savings now so I think I’ve got the ball rolling. I have things I’m looking to save for; so hopefully that keeps my spend happy brain at bay for a while. I can’t wait to share with you guys my new plans but for now I’ll stop boring you!!


I hope I can reach my goals in 2017 & get myself together. I’d love to know what you guys have planned for the new year so comment below your posts. Love a good nose!! Time to get back to relaxing before I’m back to work. Enjoy your end of 2016 & I hope you have a fun new year planned.

Shelley xx

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