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It’s time for a new Birchbox post which hasn’t been a regular occurrence on By Busby but I was excited to see them team up with Coppafeel. It’s really nice to see a subscription box be part of an important campaign so I wanted to share my boob story & help promote the message.


Any readers who have been following me this year would know I had a breast augmentation in March which is in line with this subject but that’s not the main point of this story. Yes I have implants which means I am more aware of having to check my boobs to make sure no odd stuff is happening but implants or natural checking your boobs is a must.

I know full well how breast cancer can not only effect a person but a family too. It’s effected my household as it has many; my mother is now fully recovered & out of her remission period but it definitely shook the whole family & brought this issue to light. We can all admit that we aren’t as careful as we should be & who really checks their boobs on a daily basis. Not me that’s for sure but we need to change this & make sure we look out for ourselves!

I’m a highly aware that breast cancer runs in the family; we’ve had the tests to prove its genetic so I’m  obviously more conscious that it could happen to me. As a woman I think it’s easier to process & think well I’ve got to check my boobs & pick up on any changes but it could quite easily effect my brothers in the same way as me which I think is a big issue. It’s not about who has boobs; it’s about everyone checking themselves even if it is a quick grope in the shower.

This campaign really stood out to me & I’m glad Birchbox introduced me to the collection. Simple packaging with a big message!!

OCTOBER BIRCHBOX REVEALBoob tube | Mega lash | Deep sleep pillow spray | Skinny liquid liner | Pure skin face wash

The shower gel is simple; a clear gel with a soft scent & a big message. Sticking it in your shower is an easy reminder to have a quick check of your boobs & make note of any changes. Couldn’t be any easier; plus I don’t think the shower gel is gender orientated so it’s making a good statement!

Onto the other goodies I got in my box this month; kicking of with the face wash which is cruelty free & vegan. Not all their range is vegan but they have a list on their website of those to avoid. It is a really soft gel which creams up really easily with a bit of scrubbing. The scent isn’t to my liking; I can’t quite describe it but it could definitely be improved with a bit of citrus. It’s not something I opt for in my skincare routine mainly because I prefer exfoliating scrubs over face washes!

Make-up wise I think Birchbox read my mind when sending me an eyeliner & mascara. My mascara definitely needs replacing & I kind of left my Kat Von D liner in Poland (trust me I was very upset!) so both of these samples have come in handy! I am yet to introduce them into my routine fully but both products are long lasting & work well for me.

Finally it’s time to talk about This works pillow spray which I’ve been eyeing up in work. I have a candle by them which is very relaxing but I heard some horror stories about allergic reactions to the spray. Luckily I’ve no reaction & it does have a relaxing scent to it, think your nan’s overflowing garden kind of smell. Lavender is a huge part of their scents & even though I’m not the biggest fan of the smell it does what it says & helps you relax. It’s nice to get a tester because they aren’t the most affordable brand.

Overall I like this month’s box; I think the range of products is really even & I like that they’ve teamed up with a Coppafeel to spread an important message. Now I’ve stopped rambling; shouldn’t we all just grab our melons & make sure they are okay??

 Shelley xx

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