A Halloween Lush Haul

A Halloween Lush Haul - all products I know halloween is technically over but let me extend the holiday spirit for you. If you aren’t careful they’ll be Christmas carols very soon so lets just embrace a teenie bit more of the spooky season. Plus when I was in London I decided to indulge myself with the halloween lush collection so here’s an old fashion blogger haul.

Lush Halloween Buys


Okay so I’ve seen this everywhere this season so I had to try it when I headed in store. I absolutely love almond oil in products as it feels so moisturising so this was already a winner for me. Because of the citrus it smells really fresh. I know autumn smells are usually more musky but I’m always more of a fruity kinda gal. It also includes grapefruit which I adore the smell off. I think the fluorescent green colour really makes it more seasonally but they’ve kept it still slightly summery with the scent.


I had this last year & well I just had to repurchase. I have to admit I can’t remember the true scent of it but I do get more hints of the blackberry than I do off a sweet smell that a lot of people find. I just find it so cute & well its bang on trend. Black water & a spooky cute look. I really enjoyed this last year & now I know I can get more than one baths worth of bubbles out of it I can say its worth the price.

A Halloween Lush Haul - close up of monsters ball bath bombMonster’s ball

Just from the look of this bath bomb you know its gonna create a beautiful effect. I love bath bombs that create a pink & blue swirl which this will absolutely do. Plus I love bathing in purple baths! It smells so fresh & has a more candy sweet smell which is always my go to. It has added Himalayan salt which is amazing for someone with bad joints like me. I honestly can’t wait to use this & might buy a few more in the sales.


I couldn’t resit a bath bomb that made your bath orange now could I? From the reviews I’ve read I’m very excited to let this one loose in my bath & see the flesh red colour emerge from inside. I think this is the perfect lush halloween piece to add a bit of spookiness to your bath. I’m not particularly keen on the floral smell but the lavender will come in handy when I really need to relax & unwind.

Bat Bag

The final lush halloween piece I got was this bat wrap which you can create a bag to house your goodies. I’ve been dying to try their wraps & well it has bats on it & they are my fav! I loved watching my products being wrapped in this & I’m going to keep it to store my products in.

A Halloween Lush Haul - close up of bewitched bubble bar

Cheeky Lush Extras

Candy bubble brush

When I was thinking about this post I was sure I bought more but I think my bank balance is happy I didn’t. However I did grab an addition to my lush halloween goodies in the shape of this bubble bar. I really enjoy the bubble bars because they can last forever & I just love the scents. I obviously went for the sweet candy smelling one. I’m not going to lie it is easier to have a bubble mix that you can pour in rather than standing there holding a stick under the tap but hey they smell much better.

A Halloween Lush Haul - all products

This will be my final halloween related post if you haven’t guessed already but thank you for bearing with me over this sporadic period. I am clearly back in the mood for blogging again which is nice but I’ll fill you in on my next post. I am hoping to grab a few lush goodies in the next sale so hopefully that time round I’ll grab some skincare bits too.

Please let me know your favourite products in the comments below & I’ll speak to you soon.


Shelley xx

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