10 Halloween Movies If You Aren’t A Fan Of Horror

10 Halloween Movies If You Aren't A Fan Of Horror - dvd stack & skull succulent

Ah I’m so bummed I didn’t take part in blogoween this year but hey I’ve been having a bit of a personal crisis this month. Don’t worry I’m not going to bore you with the details.. that’ll come in a later post. This halloween I feel like I haven’t done anything to get into the holiday spirit but on Wednesday I will be celebrating with a movie evening. I’m too old to be getting dressed up & heading into a packed town of students & well a night in is definitely better.

I can quite happily say I am not a horror fan! I never have been & I can’t see that changing anytime soon but I do love spooky Halloween movies so here’s 10 I’d recommend for a binge worthy evening.

10 Halloween Movies If You Aren't A Fan Of Horror - dvd close upCoraline

We have to kick off with Coraline because its one of my absolute favs! I love the focus on childhood wonder & how the main character is a quirky young girl. The movie takes you on a journey which can be either seen as reality of imagination. It has so many weird turns & tbh for a children’s movie some scary scenes which keep you interested. The use of colour in the movie to represent the separate worlds is just amazing & if you hadn’t noticed it before you will now!

The corpse bride

Tim Burton films  are obviously going to feature a lot in this post as he is the king of halloween movies but first on the list is the corpse bride. You have the land of the living & the land of the dead coming together because of a mistaken marriage. What’s more to like? The main characters are so well written & the actual storyline is fascinating.


If you love creepy characters this one is for you! All shot in black & white which I did find weird at first you have the classic Frankenstein storyline. A boy bringing his beloved dog back to life & then having to save his town from other living dead creatures.

Monster house

Okay I never saw monster house as a child but then I discovered it & was like holy damn if I had seen this as a kid I would’ve had nightmares. It may not be really scary now I’m an adult but hey an abandoned house coming to life & trying to eat neighbourhood kids… well that’s what freaks out children. Didn’t we all have that freaky neighbour we were told to avoid?

The Addams family

Time for a cult classic & shall we take a shot for every girl we see dressed a Wednesday Addams??? I honestly don’t think I need to explain this to anyone but who doesn’t love the Addams family? Or wish they could be part of it?? I know the storyline is based on uncle fester but we all know the family themselves are what keep us going back & rewatching.

10 Halloween Movies If You Aren't A Fan Of Horror - dvd close upCasper

I nearly forgot this movie off my list but this is a golden oldie. A haunted house with mischievous ghosts & one poor ghost who just wants to make friends. I just think this is such a fun family friendly Halloween flick. It just reminds me of my youth.

Hotel Transylvania

Time for a newbie & well this one has a halloween character for us all to love. A hotel full of spooky characters & a young vampire who wants to join the real world. Plus then a ginger human is welcomed in by mistaken & all hell breaks loose. Who knew humans could be scarier than monsters….

Hocus pocus

I have to admit this is a movie I only recently watched even though it’s a cult classic. I know I’m terrible but I can see why everyone loves it. Three witches trying to cause havoc on halloween & only children there to save the day! I think the golden oldies really are the true winners of halloween movies.

The witches

Okay if as a child like me you watched this you know it gave you nightmares. Witches hidden behind masks turning children into mice. If the scene in the conference room doesn’t make you wanna gag then you have a stronger stomach than me. Honestly it’s a must watch.

Beetle juice

To finish off my list it had to been a favourite among many. A haunted house with the freakiest ghost known as beetlejuice. It’s a cult classic & I can see why. If you like a movie with loads going on & a ghost causing havoc this is for you. Who am I kidding I bet we’ve all seen it.

10 Halloween Movies If You Aren't A Fan Of Horror - dvd stack with skull succulent So there we have it 10 spooky but not scary halloween movies to binge watch on the 31st. I know they are all basically family friend films but at any age we still love them. I might attempt a proper horror but tbh we a list like this there may not be time to squeeze one in.

Shelley xx

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