Has The Blogging Community Become Toxic?

Has The Blogging Community Become Toxic? - me holding blogosphere with leafy plant

I love talking about the blogosphere but recently the blogging community has really got on my nerves & shown it’s ugly side. Maybe you aren’t very aware of what’s been happening but if you follow anyone from the blogging community on twitter you’ve probably seen the whole drama.

The basics are a blogger (Scarlett London) was called out for having overly fake ads. She was in a Insta worthy bedroom with balloons & pancakes; y’no the whole blogger-esque look, advertising a dental product. Yes it did look overly elaborate but blooming hell it’s an ad by a blogger who has a certain aesthetic & is doing her job.

Who bloody cares that much?

Well clearly some bloke on the internet who started a hate campaign against her but hey he’s clearly got a lot of time on his hands!

Okay the hate campaign was bad enough but the response from the blogging community were even worse. This is a blogger being shamed from an outsider yet bloggers aren’t coming to defend her they are joining in.

How blooming ridiculous??!!

Has The Blogging Community Become Toxic? - me reading blogosphere

I’m sorry but I do prefer more realistic instas & I’m not so fussed on the obvious ads but I’m also not going to shame someone for creating an ad in her style. There was nothing wrong with the ad. I didn’t necessarily know what she was advertising without reading the caption but hey it was disclosed at least.

Being on twitter is very much a love/hate situation because on one hand it’s great for promotion & I love reading silly tweets but on the flip side there’s so much bullshit. Hate tweets, little digs, fat shaming, racism & everything else negative you could think of.

Because I’m so much in the blogging community my feed tends to be more focused on that side & I will say about 65% of the time its fine but then the rest of the time someone is causing a fuss about something stupid. The worst thing is everyone jumps on it & creates a huge drama out of it.

The blogging community are their worst enemy! Its not the outsiders discrediting us, its the bloggers themselves!

I was so ashamed to be part of the community when this whole hate campaign was going on because there were people making digs, people favouriting it, people pretending like what she did was anything different than regular ads.

OMG people how about instead of being rude about someone because you want “Insta to be more real & less staged” you defend this poor girl because you know this industry.

You know that she works hard, you know she puts herself out there & getting sponsored content isn’t easy. That brand picked her because they like her style & clearly her following is well suited to them. You as bloggers know what goes on behind the scenes yet you have the audacity to jump on one person because an outsider has made a bitchy tweet.Has The Blogging Community Become Toxic? - me holding blogosphere magazine

Well the blogging community needs to reevaluate because all this jealousy & competition isn’t helping anyone. Sometimes it feels like the corridors of high school. If drama is what you need to fulfil yourself then hunny you need to stop & think about why.

We as a community aren’t going to get anywhere if we keeping attacking each other & jumping on bandwagons. Can we just go back to supporting & appreciating each other?

Shelley xx

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