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If you don’t know already I’m obsessed with Sarah Millican. I can’t deny it; I just love her. I’m a huge comedy fan but Sarah is one of my favourites. I can’t hide it & I don’t want to. From the minute I discovered her she’s had me in a fit of giggles & well she tweeted me back once & I think I nearly died. Yes I’m a huge fan & proud.

Okay now that’s out the way I should really get onto what this post is about; don’t worry this isn’t a fan post where I divulge my love for Sarah Millican. I’m actually here to talk about her book; how to be a champion & why I think we all should read it. See it’s actually a book review with a dab of fangirling… 

Sarah Millican control enthusiast show curtainThe first thing we have to touch upon is the title; when you read how to be a champion you think it’s a little different to what Sarah is getting at. Obviously as she is a Geordie champion means excellent. Her book is an autobiography with a splash of self help & a lot of comedy.

I think it’s a great book for everybody. There’s no real target audience just like her comedy. Trust me going to her show the other week you can see her fans are from all walks of life & that’s why I love her. Her take on life is so perky & funny even when she’s talking about the hard times she puts a positive spin on it.

Through the book you learn about different aspects of her life alongside advice to keep yourselves feeling champion. It’s just a really nice take on an autobiography. It keeps you interested & well you’ll be laughing while you read. Each chapter has a theme from what she was bullied about in school to a love letter to her knockers. Just from reading the contents you know it’s going to be good.

I don’t want to give anything away because I think everyone should pick up a copy & experience it for themselves but it’s just one of those easy reads that makes you feel great. If you’re looking for a comedic book with a self help edge to it then it’s for you. Especially if you enjoy a bit of dirty comedy. That’s Sarah Millican all over. She’s funny in all the right ways & her written voice is just as good as her stand up! It’s a best seller for a reason.

Shelley xx

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