Improving My Blog Photography

My blog has had a mini make-over recently which is still an ongoing process. By the end of March I hope to have the final look completed. I want to have a much sleeker look; that is as user friendly as possible. I’m sticking with my ByBusby brand but tweaking different aspects to give it a better overall impact. Photography is a key part of blogging & I’ve been trying to improve my skills over the years. I haven’t always had a great camera & I’m not trained what so ever but I’m determined to create the best content I can.

Over the past few months I’ve been photographing my content with an Iphone 6s & I’ve made it work the best I can. My photos haven’t been terrible but they can always be better. We all know I’ve been keen to get a new camera & I’m lucky to have the most wonderful partner who treated me to my new beauty. I now own an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II, which is utterly divine.It’s compact but packs a punch. I’m still coming to terms with all the settings & adapting my photography. There’s a lot to learn but I’ve been shooting my most recent content with my camera & I think it definitely makes a difference. Well I hope you guys have noticed a difference in quality!! Jacob & I visited Kew botanical gardens to play around with settings & I captured some really greats shots. 

Hopefully my blog & content can only get better from here on in. I’ll be getting my DIY on when Jacob moves in to create sleek photo backgrounds. Please bare with me as I’ll be posting once a week till the end of March while I adjust my routine & recover. 

Shelley xx

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