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I’m back in England which is lovely but also hectic and I thought it’s a perfect time to share a few of my experiences with you guys. On Thursday I had an amazing day visiting the taste of London food festival (keep an eye out next week for the blog post) and dining at Inamo

Inamo is a Asian fusion restaurant in the heart of Soho that has a fabulous interactive ordering system (see below). They serve a range of dishes influenced by Japan, China, Thailand, Korea and more. It’s definitely a restaurant you need to visit at least once to experience their take on fine dining. 

Firstly the food, I ordered the duck pancakes which had their own little twist. It was definitely worth the expenditure!! The meat fell of the bone as soon as I attempted to shred it and the food was delicious. I’ve always been a huge fan of crispy duck and it was lovely to try a new twist on the recipe. I also ordered the salmon & cucumber hosomaki on the side which was delicious. I’m not the biggest sushi fan and usually go for something a little different at places like Yo sushi but you can’t go wrong with cucumber and salmon. The portions were also pretty generous so you do get your moneys worth. 

Kane ordered a nigiri set which was a sushi platter of 8 pieces and a seaweed salad. I ended up trying the seaweed which was perfection. It had such an unusual flavouring but was amazing. 

Please ignore the Iphone photos but they couldn’t be helped. I guess the restaurants main attraction is the interactive ordering system, You basically have a mouse pad on the table and there’s a projection from above onto your table. Each person gets to select drinks and food using the table and order together. It’s pretty new age and I love how it projects the image of the food onto the plate, I have to admit this was one of the reasons I wanted to try the restaurant. I would suggest looking at the onlne menu beforehand just as it’s a long process ordering if you want to read each item. They also have games you can play and service options. You can even change the table pattern. 

The service was pretty good, the staff were polite and helpful, they also cleaned up pretty quick. I have to say they do add a service charge which is a bit cheeky considering you’re ordering and processing the bill yourself but it is London. You can also book a table via their website as they do get quite busy so it’s better to be prepared. 

I love visiting London and finding new places to try. I thought I’d share for any local readers!! If you do pop into London I’d definitely try Inamo. There’s lots of choice and lots of vegetarian options too. 

Next week I’ll be posting about the food festival so keep an eye out if you’re a foodie!!

Shelley xx

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