Instagram Follower Explosion

Instagram Follower Explosion - phone in hand with jumper It seems recently that even though we have this horrible algorithm against us certain instagram accounts are starting to grow at an incredible rate. It blooming marvellous to see these accounts explode over night because at the end of the day they are humble people who seem to have just got it magically right.

Take the instagrammer who started creating those story templates who grew a following just through people sharing them. That was amazing & I think we were all a little shocked. It gave people the sense that if they do something just like that they can grow too.

That’s the thing though, these accounts are growing because of the person behind them not because of some magic new trend. The person behind the account are what people are following even if it appears that a story layout is the cause. If you think about it; did people really need to follow her account to access the story templates? No! They were everywhere already. Clearly her account has other factors that people like.

Now lets take a look at Mrs Hinch for a second because we all know she’s a big talking point right now. Her account is growing by the second. Yes everyones talking about it & that’s clearly helping but I still haven’t followed her. I have to admit cleaning isn’t my thing & you know what her interiors aren’t my style either so I have no reason to follow.

I’m not saying I dislike her Insta, it’s just not an account for me. Clearly a lot of people enjoy cleaning & want to know more otherwise she wouldn’t be growing. On the other hand if you think introducing cleaning to your account is going to do the same for you then you’re wrong.

It’s not the cleaning that’s made her grow it’s her. She brings her own personality to it & people love it. Yes the basis is cleaning & that’s what she loves to talk about but she has her own personal way of presenting it that people want to watch.

Instagram Follower Explosion - phone in hand with instagram feed

Here’s the thing people are getting their knickers in a twist about these accounts because there’s jealousy. I get why don’t worry! You work hard on your account curating a feed that you’re happy with then someone comes along has a chat about cleaning & boom hits 1ok in seconds.

At the end of the day we can moan & grumble about these people. Make digs on twitter & wish it was us instead but it goes to show having a USP (unique selling point) really does work. Maybe we need to focus more on what ours is than caring about the fact a cleaning channelling has shot passed us.

It’s so interesting to really delve into what makes these Instagram accounts grow & learn from it. I don’t think I’m gonna magically grow from a story or a post but maybe I can explore what makes my account more me. What can I do to really make people want to see more?

Shelley xx

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