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made by busby - logoSince I took an extended blogging break thanks to my new creative adventure it’s probably time to introduce to Made By Busby… right?

To some this may not be a new thing because I’m blessed with such a lush supportive community who have followed my journey into being a small business owner. On the other hand I know some people prefer to read my blog posts than listen to my Insta rambles so here’s a little intro for you!

Starting my small business…

made by busby - macrame wall hanging

made by busby - keyring

Well back when I was in full nesting mode I decided to get a little crafty with Jasper’s nursery & since I really enjoyed it I bought a few macrame bits & it kinda took off from there. In November 19 I decided to delve back into the Etsy world & listed a couple of macrame keyrings I had made. Looking back now they weren’t my best work but you have to start somewhere.

Between November & march I dabbled in different craft mediums to see what I really enjoyed & two things stood out. The first was weaving. I had bought a kit from world of wool & really loved it so I went to hobby craft, got the rico loom & just had a go at making weaves.

The second craft that I fell in love with was punch needle which is a relatively new technique but its becoming rather popular. I had bought a kit from Wholepunching & adored it. I think it took me a few hours to complete her hoop & I was hooked. I did a lot of research into what I needed & invested.

Where it all took off…

made by busby - rainbow cloud

made by busby - mini cloud

made by busby - xl cloud

made by busby - neon cloud

At this point I had just started really dabbling in these new crafts but I decided to weave a rainbow cloud (which let me tell you the first one was a right failure) & well people really responded well to it.

I listed it on my Etsy & to this day its my most popular product. I also took the risk to invest in lots of alternative cotton colours & listed a custom option which is super popular to. I absolutely adore making my products customisable because I really think that it makes them stand out & well I love seeing your colour combos.

From them on I made some mixed fringe option clouds, mini clouds & I also recently released an XL version. All can be found here!

What about the punch needle?

made by busby - initial hoop

made by busby - punch needle heart

I will happily say punch needling is my favourite medium of craft so of course I wanted to make some products. Once I had some time I created a few punch needle hoops including a cow print & a googley eye one. It did take me a while to list them on my Etsy just due to finding the right hoops etc but in the mean time I created my first punch need heart which is one of the products I think people associate me with.

Since then I’ve made lots of hearts & lots of hoops & I’m hoping to make many more next year.

Lets talk rainbows…

made by busby - pompom rainbow

made by busby - pompom rainbow

We all know rainbows are popular right?

They’ve always had meaning to people for different reasons & well some people like me just blooming love them.

My rainbow clouds became quite popular due to the NHS lockdown situation but I also decided to create some pompom rainbows which thanks to Tiktok became quite popular.

They aren’t the easiest to make & take a long to time to complete but with the help of Jacob we’ve made some beautiful ones.

Since my first release I’ve also made some minis which can be used as car charms which are rather cute if I do say so myself!

Where am I at now?

made by busby - bats

made by busby - pumpkin hoop

made by busby - penguin hoop

made by busby - grinch hoop

Right now business has slowed down which is actually quite nice because it has given me more time for other things. Lockdown was intense for my shop which is fab but it all just took off & I had to adjust quite quickly.

Since starting I’ve grown a lot; not only in my skills but in my small business knowledge. I’ve had to learn a lot again & well it isn’t easy. I’ve got back to work part time & I’ve now got a work schedule that works for me.

I’ve just upped my prices to accommodate my time, materials & my worth. I’ve released some new punch needle designs, plus my halloween collection & my Christmas collection is launching tomorrow!!!

But yep that’s my business is a nutshell & well even though its tough I love it. It’s given me a creative outlet, made me focus on learning something new, brought me so many lovely new friends & helped me go back to work as few days as possible. I’ve still got lots to learn & well I’m dreading my first tax return but for a first year in business it’s been rather lovely.

If you are thinking of starting your own small biz as a mum Jodetopia wrote a lovely post with lots of tips from fellow small biz owners! Find it here

Do you have a small business or have a favourite you think I should check out? Link them below!

Shelley xx

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