It’s Time To Say Thank You

It’s that time of the year again when we dedicate a year to focusing on mental health. This year I don’t want to focus on the negatives because there’s no need to dwell but instead say thank you to the people who have helped me on a daily basis. There’s so many people to thank from my past & present. There’s probably some who don’t realise they helped me but I have been blessed with amazing people throughout the years. Too many have helped me through bad days & to develop the coping mechanisms I use everyday, however I don’t want to make this a long winded post so here’s a thank you to my partner Jacob.

It’s crazy to think that once upon a time you weren’t an important part of my life but I am so thankful that you become such an integral part of my day. From our friendship to relationship you have been such a support to every aspect; from listening to me natter on about whatever I’m focused on to talking me through a stressful bout. I am blessed to have someone so calm around me considering how stormy my days can be. I have to say thank you for not taking my moods to heart & not making me feel guilty for having such turbulent emotions.

I think in the past 6 months you’ve seen every aspect of my disorder & not once has that stalled you. I’m not easy; I can be happy & then at my worst in minutes but you haven’t ever given up. Even though it’s early days I just can’t see you giving up & I appreciate that more than anything. There’s soo many things you do & say that make me feel wonderful & appreciated that I can’t describe them all. I just have to say thank you for being willing to learn about me, to learn how to deal with the different aspects & adapting to the different moods that appear. Thank you for being willing to not only open up to my disorder but allowing me into your world & your head. 

All in all thank you for being my rock & trying to understand my crazy world. I can’t wait to see what new adventures we have together & I hope you had the most wonderful birthday weekend possible!!

Shelley xx

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