January Birchbox; Ohh Deer Edition

ByBusby has definitely taken a more reflective turn during January so I thought it’s time to end the month with something lighter & what better than my first impressions on this month Birchbox? We all know I’m a sucker for a pretty design & well Birchbox has out done themselves with this collaborative design by Ohh Deer. It’s really brings a spot of summer to the rainy days here in Surrey.

My first step when I receive my box is have a google to see if the products are cruelty free & luckily my previous boxes have all passed the test. In this one there’s an item or two that I won’t be using & hopefully it’s just a one off on Birchbox’s part. Anyhow lets get on with the reviews shall we..

January birchbox ohh deer edition - product flatlayAfterspa cloth

To kick off with we have the product I’m most excited to use. I actually like receiving beauty appliances as well as products & last month I received a much need brush washer tool which I’ve loved. This month I was happy to see the face cloth because its something new & I actually wanted to try one. It needs to be machine washed first so I really need to pop it in the wash so I can get using it.

Okay guys I’ve just asked Jacob to open it because clearly I need help with sealed bags & it’s safe to say we’re both overly excited with how soft it is. It kind of looks like an eye mask without the strap but my god it is ridiculous fluffy & soft. I’m kind of scared that the machine will ruin it but gotta follow the rules.. hey.

Thermaliv night cream

Time to stop caressing the cloth & talk about the night cream. I’m not too sure if this product is cruelty free as there’s not a lot of info out there so please help me if you know the answer. It’s all in French & languages was never my strong point so I’ve relied on Birchbox’s description.

So it’s meant to give your skin a collagen boost to allow it to look refreshed even if you didn’t get those 8hrs. That sounds like a pretty handy product so I hope it is CF.

First things first I just attempted to swatch this so I can describe it & soo much came out.. there’s a heads up for you. Maybe its a design fault but the product itself smells amazing; I can’t stop smelling my hand! The consistency is nice & creamy. It feels quite light but definitely packs in a lot of moisture so I can see it doing what it claims.

January birchbox ohh deer edition - product closeupMarcelle eyeliner

I actually received a eyeliner in a previous box so I wasn’t too excited to see another however I decided to swatch this when I started to write & I’m happily surprised by the quality. Its really pigmented & has a slight shimmer which is a nice touch. It’s definitely black which is always a plus & well I applied my night cream on top & there is no smudge at all.

It seems to be a really handy eyeliner & even though I’d usually opt for a liquid liner I do like a good messy pencil look too so this will come in handy on the occasion.

Oribe dry texturising spray

It’s safe to say I was very happy to see this product in my box because my last Oribe product was amazing. I still have some left of that & I use it to add curls. This one is kind of a dry shampoo product but with the added texturising element. I can’t wait to use this to add more volume to my lack lustre hair.

I have been using it slightly & just like before I really love it. I wish I had the budget to buy more of their full sized products because as a brand they really are proving to create brilliant products that work well with my hair.

Lord & berry blush

Lastly its on to the full sized product of the month which I’m not very excited about. I’m not a blush kinda gal & it’s also not cruelty free as they sell in China. I’m just not the best at blending lots of cream products so I usually opt for powder bases.

The product does apply really smoothly & it does blend with your finger tips easily. I’m just not sure if the colour would really work with my complexion as I definitely don’t need to highlight my red undertones. I’m not going to write it off completely as their products are meant to be good but I don’t think it’s totally for me.

January birchbox ohh deer edition - product flatlay

I do think the January Birchbox is a bit hit or miss; there’s a few products I’m really excited to try & others that just aren’t for me. I do enjoy having a monthly box subscription so I may have little research & see if there’s any others I’d like to try.

On the other hand I hope you can tell I’ve been experimenting with my flatlays & I think I finally found a style I’m happy with but I’d love your feedback. Do you prefer the vertical design & are there any improvements I could make?

Shelley xx

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