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Watching, Reading, Listening & Loving || January Favourites- cactus ornaments, Marshall speaker, dvds, books & headphonesI feel like I really haven’t been using this blog like I used to. This time last year I was so pumped & motivated which I think really shows in the content I produced vs what I’m producing. I’ve just not been well & that’s made me so demotivated its unreal but hey I thought why not do an old school January favourites to get the ball rolling, so here’s a what I’ve been watching, reading, listening to kinda post.

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers take their blogs in a new journal direction & I think this might be my version of it. Well this might be the first of many or the first/last. Who knows…..

So what are my January favourites

What I’ve been watching

This is clearly gonna be the biggest of the lot because A) I’m a couch potato & B) I’ve been off ill a lot this month which means a lot of netflix has been consumed. I’m not gonna lie I am a series lover & a re-watcher, especially when I am too lazy to find something new to watch.

Right now I’m writing this with Pretty little liars in the background which is something Jacob & I decided to rewatch because we needed something easy & lengthy to binge on. Turns out I’m not loving it so much the second time around but that could be due to the fact I know all the spoilers & I’m watching from a more adult point of view. How do young people seem to get away with so much????

During my sofa days of being ill & moody I ended up watching a lot of food related reality tv. There’s been sugar rush (baking competition), Chef’s table (a lot more refined in-depth look into the chef) & Salt fat acid & heat (following one chef’s look into the fundamentals of cooking). I don’t know why I decided it would be a good idea to make myself hungry when I couldn’t stomach a thing by hey I like to torture myself clearly!

As for movies I’ve just been re-watching classic romcoms to pass the time but the two movies I’ve been loving the most are Rampage & The meg. Both I received for Christmas because Jacob knows I love them a tad too much. I clearly like watching movies with crazed animals in it but I do recommend both!

What I’ve been reading

We all can kinda guess this will be the shortest of the lot because I’m a terrible reader. I really want to get better this year & just like a lot of people I’ve signed up to Goodreads. I aim to read 20 books by the end of the year & for once I am determined.

So what have I actually read this year so far… well I’m still reading confessions of a sociopath which I have been enjoying. I just fell out of the reading funk & got a little lost along the way.

Hopefully by my next favourites post this will be a bigger section. If not let’s just remember the summer when I read loads.

What I’ve been listening to

Here’s the section that makes up for the fact I don’t read enough because I do tend to listen to a lot of podcasts instead. I’ve actually been finding it a little tough to find podcasts I really love but there’s been a few.

I don’t believe I mentioned All killa no filla in my previous podcast post but they are a discovery that is much loved. Very much like my favourite murder but with British women. I think my favourite murder kinda jumped on the theme that all killa no filla set up in all honesty. They are very much my type of comedians but they don’t upload very often.

I listened to the new series of Serial which wasn’t my favourite compared the previous as well as the second series of Somebody knows something which I still really love. SKS actually led me onto a new podcast called Uncover which has had two series; escaping NXIVM & Bomb on board. The first is about a lady who left a pyramid scheme cult & the second about a plane crash. Both very interesting if you like true crime.

Other than my beloved crime podcasts I’ve been listening to Exciting Emails by Vix meldrew & Blogosphere: Serious influence. They are both blog related so I don’t listen to often as I prefer to switch off with a podcast rather than feel like I have to be productive.

What I’ve been loving

Finally here’s a few January favourites based on what I’ve been loving this past month. The things that spring to mind immediately are Lush, Liz Earle, The ordinary & Milk Makeup. Blooming hell all skincare must haves cause my skin is currently dying.

I actually spent a tad more than usual on Lush because they had their annual sale so I grabbed a few favourites & then they brought out their cheeky valentines range. Had to purchase of course! I’ve been enjoying a lot more baths now the weather has been vile so of course they are a fav.

Liz Earle is obviously well known for their cleanse & polish range but their masks have been lifesavers at the moment. My skin couldn’t get any drier & I have two masks which I alternate which are doing wonders.

I purchased a new ordinary product; the glycolic acid toning solution which I’ve been loving as well as all the other products I already own & love. I am so glad I found a product range than really works for me but doesn’t break the bank.

Lastly I’ve been loving the Milk makeup launch which you’ve probably noticed from my lust list but I am yet to try them. I just love the concept & the marketing so far. I’ve heard such good things that I think I may make a purchase on payday!


There we have it my January favourites broken down for you! I honestly can’t think of anything more I want to add so I’ll stop here but I’d love to know what you’ve been up to this year so far.

Shelley xx

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