Jurassic Park Date Night

I can happily say that I went on one of the cutest date nights this month. Jacob & I visited the Natural history museum in London for a late night viewing of Jurassic park. I honestly adored this event & even though it was a one off I wanted to share it with you guys. I am definitely keeping an eye out for these kind of events on the time out website from now on!!

It’s official, I can not wait to get a new camera in the new year but hey ho I took a couple of snaps on the night. The showing was for 10pm so you’re allowed entry from 8pm, but we decided to arrive around 9 mainly because we were both completely shattered already. However I think we picked a good time because once we got there we had a quick look around the dinosaur exhibit & then had to join the queue for the “cinema”. There was also a few more exhibits open but the queue was lengthy enough & the movie was the main event. The cinema set up was really nice; as the event was in aid of Dippy the dinosaur going on tour it was placed in the main hall. It wasn’t the most comfortable cinema but as it was a pop up event you can’t complain. Our view was great & everyone was really excited. 

The idea behind this event was brilliant. I’m glad we got the opportunity to go & got tickets in time. I would definitely visit more events of this nature & can’t wait to plan date nights next year. I hope you guys don’t hate these post but I’ve been doing quite a few awesome bits that I wanted to share!! 

Shelley xx

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