LA Splash Cosmetics Review

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I finally got my hands on some La splash lip products which I now adore. I thought I’d do a quick blog post review, since they aren’t the easiest to buy if you’re from the UK like me!!

Firstly their website is slightly hard to use, especially on mobile settings. I would definitely recommend using a laptop or Pc to order from them. Because they are new they haven’t made a viewing point for all countries, including the UK, so selecting the states allows you to view the site properly. The items are really affordable however the postage is not. They are offering tracked international postage which costs a hell of a lot. But as a new brand its better to ensure your items arrive then deal with lost in transit. I luckily purchased during their $10 postage deal. I was super surprised they arrived a week after being marked as dispatch. They came well packaged and no custom fine; thank god. 

L-R: Latte Confessions, Lovegood & Ghoulish 

Now onto the products, they are super lovely to work with. I’m not usually one for liquid products but these are perfect. They have two different applicators (seen above), I do prefer the shorter applicator but both are simple to use. With these I would suggest using a primer just to stop any cracking. A little goes a long way. Don’t try caking it on as it will dry horrid and look cracked. The colour pigment is brilliant so with a little product the colour pops. I went for three nude like colours and love them a lot. Lovegood is from their smitten collection where as the other two are from the lip couture range. I find both dry to matte the same but the couture products can cause your lips to dry quite easily. 

The company itself make a bunch of Lime Crime “dupes” but LA splash are really a great new brand on their own. They have a lot of products available. Each are of high quality and look amazing. If only they were more accessible!!

Shelley xx

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