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I love reading blogger help posts so I thought I’d share my own mini one!! I’m not planning a series because hey I’m learning here too but why not share a few things I’ve worked out over the years; starting with my blogger apps. I keep everything really simple because I have limited time to devote on blogging but these apps have helped me along the way. 

Olympus image share


Colour story

Let’s kick off with the all important photo editing apps which we all know we’ve tried a million. It’s so hard to find an app you like that doesn’t require too much effort to use or additional purchases to actually use. I’ve finally found a couple I like to use & find work rather well. To start of with I have my Olympus app which I use to transfer photos directly from my camera or to use the remote control function. There’s other aspects to them but I haven’t bothered to use them. You just have to set up a connection to your phone using a code then connect to your camera using it’s personal wifi. Nice & simple!! For my photo collages I use Fotor, which is ridiculously simple to use & has loads of options to edit. It’s the only app I’ve liked & continue to use. Plus you can use the web version too. Lastly I use colour story to brighten my photos which I found from Maria’s post (see her how to here). It’s so handy to use & has a bunch of settings if you want to try them out. 

Social media

We all know how important social media is to blogging; it’s our best promotional tool!! I use rather a few but of course some are more for personal use (yes I have a phone addiction like the rest of us). I try to use my apps as much as possible to aid my blogging & now I’m tracking my views I can see which are helping more (track via bit links & google analytics). I use the main three; Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to share my posts to my followers & gain readers. I use a seperate blogging instagram because I wanted to keep my personal for regular posting & updates. It’s nice to keep them seperate & post higher quality content to my blogger one. I also use pinterest; partly for blogging as I have a blogger board but I definitely need to invest more time into exploring the it’s use. Finally I use depop to sell my bits I don’t need & of course to buy some goodies too. I know a lot of bloggers do this & since my clear out it has be rather handy. 

 Follow Meter

Lastly I use follow meter to keep track of my instagram engagement. Since starting my blogging instagram it’s been harder to gain a quality audience as most people use instagram tactics to gain followers. I was on the look out for a good unfollowing app & was recommended this. It works well & shows your mutuals, unfollows & who you don’t follow back really simply. There’s a few additional features you can purchase but nothing that takes my fancy. I’m a bit lazy with this app but it is handy & easy to use so worth having. 

As you can tell I don’t use many apps but the ones I do have their own personal use which benefits me. I’m sure there’s many more than can help you out such as scheduling tweets & posts but that’s not my thing. I’m rather relaxed when it comes to blogging & like to keep things simple!! If you have any bloggers who do great help pages please let me know!! I’m always on the outlook & if you want to check out any of my social pages they are all linked below. Let me know if any of these apps work for you too. 

Shelley xx

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