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Last summer I popped into Cardiff to have a consultation with a lovely lady from Transform and today I have finally booked my breast augmentation. How crazy? Even to me; it seemed like something I wouldn’t make a reality. But here we are discussing my forthcoming operation!!


Back in June I had my first initial consultation whilst I was living in Wales. That was the time I wrote a short post explaining the reasons behind my desire for bigger boobs & also the situation I was in regarding my family history. Since then I’ve got good news to say I’m at low risk of developing breast cancer & I’ve taken further steps towards getting my breasts changed.

Once I moved home; I changed the amount of hours I worked & took on a second job which in turn meant I had better options when it came to most things. This was the initial push for me to book another consultation. I was finally in a financial position to have the surgery I wanted. In December I went onto their website a requested a consultation & a day later I had a call to discuss my local clinic & dates. My local clinic is luckily rather close so in January Jacob & I drove down to the Riverside clinic to see my care coordinator. Fortunately I previously had a similar appointment so I knew the basics of what was going to be said. I am very happy with my coordinator (Sabrina) as she is really polite & helpful at every stage. I was explained the process, the risks & the types of implants they use. I filled in all my medical paperwork & answered all the necessary questions. It’s a very simple initial step but you can ask anything you’re concerned about.

Next I had to book my surgeon consultations. Sabrina initial offered me an appointment with someone different to my final choice. When I went home to research him I wasn’t able to find much information other than on his own site & Transfrom’s which made me feel uneasy as I wanted to read testimonials. This lead me to ask if I could change my surgeon to one I had found a lot of testimonials about which is Dr Meleagros. He’s operated on a lot of people who shared their stories online & I felt more comfortable having seen such good results & reviews.

My surgeon consultation was probably the only part that surprised me so far. The appointment was very informative. I learnt how the implants are placed, the type of implants offered, the risks & the sizes suitable for me. I had my breast measured which meant I am able to have over the muscle implants. This is something I’m really happy about as I do feel they look more natural in my opinion & my surgeon does tend to lean towards over than under. We also concluded that I would go for a soft touch implant & it would be a moderate profile. That would mean it would look more rounder & the larger I went less natural but the ultra high shape gave me a pointed look. When trying on the implants I don’t feel it’s very easy to choose. I could stick on a decent padded bra & see what I wanted to aim for. The implants I have to choose from are a 295cc or 325cc moderate profile which I haven’t completed come to an conclusion yet. There’s only a slight difference between the two but I want to be as natural as possible. I haven’t got a lot of natural breast tissue so I’m concerned with the possibility of rippling. There’s a lot to get your head around at this stage. This is where I found it surprising because most of the reviews painted maybe a different picture of the surgeon than I got. He’s much more straightforward & I think if you’re more delicate you would find him upsetting. Luckily I don’t hate my boobs & have a thicker skin because I think some of the comments would have upset me if I was my younger self. But if you’re looking for someone to get to the point & be realistic with you then he’s definitely the man for you!!

I’ve gone ahead with Dr Meleagros & since had a secondary appointment with Sabrina just to try on the kit again & try to get my head around the sizes a bit more. I still have decisions to make but I’ve been accepted to finance, paid my deposit & booked my operation!! The finance application was really simple, I was worried it was going to be an endless list of questions but its not. You find out if you get accepted straight away then add your direct debit details so your payments can begin after your operation. Once I got accepted I spoke to Sabrina, sent over my deposit & then booked in both my pre-op & operation. It was really quick & simple as I already had booked two weeks off from work & knew what time I wanted the operation. Plan ahead is my main advice; know what you want, make a savings plan, book the time off & do your research. The process wasn’t as fast as I’d imagined from reading other posts so you never have to feel rushed. You’re changing your body & everything is on your terms.

Now I’m at the point where the nerves have kicked in & I just have to wait for my next appointment. I’ve got my pre-ops on the 4th of March which I’m dreading (I really hate blood tests!!) & then its just about waiting till the 22nd to get operated on. I have 6 weeks to pick my size & kick the nerves!! I may do some vlogs around the time of my operation, since they’ve helped me so much through this process but for now I’ll leave you with this lengthy post.

Bras pictured: Primark

Shelley xx

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  1. February 20, 2017 / 7:56 pm

    Hey Shelley! I came looking for this post since I remembered asking about it when you wrote about going for a consultation. I'm really interested to see how your journey goes and love the idea of a vlog do document it! Hope all goes well and best of luck. I can see myself looking at the same options in some time if mine don't get any bigger naturally. Something I am very self conscious about 🙁 Thank you for sharing. x

    • March 19, 2017 / 5:48 pm

      Hey Laura!! Thankyou for your comment & sorry I haven't replied. I've made an updated vlog & hopefully will make one or two more. Thankyou for the well wishes & if you ever need to ask any questions feel free. Thankyou again!! x

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