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It’s time for a second edition to my life lately series. It’s actually come around a lot quicker than I imagined but since the last one I kind of took a blogging break, my life got eventful & then the world decides to collapse. Fun right??

The world is so crazy right now so I just thought I’d fill you guys in & write something a little lighthearted.

So what’s actually been happening?

Well even though I didn’t blog much in the past month or so its actually been rather bloggers behind the scenes.

I did my first insta AD of the year which was for a brand I blooming love; Spectrum collections. The even better bit of it is they reached out to me so it made me feel rather glorious.

I then went to a blogger brunch with House 21 where the lovely Neesha did a talk of making money from blogging. It was so motivating & the brunch itself was lovely. I wasn’t entirely sure what house 21 was about before but now I’ll be keeping an eye out for their local events.

I then went to my first Grow & Glow event which meant travelling all the way to Manchester but it was so worth it. Jacob & I treated ourselves to a baby free dinner date where we had the most delicious Indian. The event itself was hosted in the very insta worthy Huckletree co-working space & it was just amazing. I got to meet so many bloggers I’ve connected with over the years, plus new people & finally got to give Alice a big squeeze. There were amazing talks & Vix was being her usual fabulous motivating self.

I came out of the event feeling like I not only knew a fair amount of stuff before but I had learnt so many valuable skills that I could take on the blogging world.

Since then I’ve had quite a few gifted campaigns which makes me feel very happy & hopefully soon enough I can do a paid one!

What about real life then?

Well I can’t even remember what’s been happening because it all feels like a big blur. Does anyone else feel like their days have all mushed together?

March wasn’t that exciting but I spent a lot of time working on my shop. It took off a little & my clouds seemed to be really popular so I decided to focus my time more on that. It’s really exciting that things I create make people happy even though it can be a little overwhelming trying to juggle this creative outlet with parenting.

I had my first mother’s day which was lovely but as you know it occurred just before lockdown so we couldn’t really go out & celebrate. We did go for a little walk & picked up some pancakes.

But in all honestly the main thing I’ve been doing recently is trying to relax. I’m trying to spend the time I have in the week reading, playing animal crossing & just doing minimal things. Then on the weekend I try to do my blog & shop stuff. Its just not feasible to juggle Jasper & everything else.

How lockdowns been effecting me

I couldn’t really do a life lately without talking about lockdown could I?

Well it hasn’t changed that much for me because I was already at home with Jasper most of the time. Now I’m just officially not allowed to go outside so it does feel a little different.

All his classes have been cancelled so I feel terrible that he’s not getting that stimulation or socialising. Plus he can’t see family so I just feel a little poop about it all.

As for me I’m feeling the effects way more this week. I just feel completely deflated. It’s a constant cycle of the same things & I’m really bored. Obviously I spend most of my time with Jasper & I’m slowly craving those baby free days even more. I just need some time to be me & just me.

My brain feels a little trapped & well we’ve had to cancel Vegas which has taken that one thing we were looking forward to away.

I’m trying to stay positive but hey some days are harder.

A few things I’m doing to stay positive during lockdown

Final section for today’s life lately but here’s a couple of things that are keeping me sane:

  • Reading what’s on my bookshelf
  • Rewatching ugly Betty cause its fab
  • Giving myself breaks
  • Playing animal crossing
  • Taking digital detoxes
  • Writing down my feelings in a bullet journal.
  • Planning my creative newsletter (yay keep an eye out)

I hope you’re all well, safe & staying indoors. Hopefully by the next life lately the world won’t be going insane & things will be a little more positive! Also happy easter people, hope you get too stuff your faces with chocolate.

Till next time,

Shelley xx

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