Life lately 3 | Where Have I Been?

me with a weaving loom

cow punch needle hoops

me at the beach

me & jasper watching ducks

Hi you lovely lot I’m back; well kind of.

I thought it was about time I wrote a blog post & well I felt it was probably best to kick off with the third instalment of life lately. I pretty much disappeared off the blogosphere so I may as well explained where the hell I’ve been!

So where the have I been?

Well nowhere in particular. We were still on lockdown for a while longer than England so we’ve still be at home doing our daily routine. I just got real busy & life took over. Between trying to run a household, keep a baby alive & run a small business, blogging was the last thing on my mind.

I’ve really missed it & I’ve still been jotting down ideas as I go but finding the time to create content has been way out of reach.

Honestly right now I can’t remember when lockdown ended but since the we’ve been taking trips to the beach & the Gnoll just to get some time in the sun. Luckily in Wales people are a lot better about the social distancing so nowhere really gets that busy & we’ve not gone anywhere unnecessary.

We did pop to England for the day recently just cause Jacob had work down there so we thought we may as well visit my parents. Jasper hadn’t seen them for months so it was nice for them all to get some time together. It was kinda shocking how differently covid is being handled down there but hey ho we’re back in Wales doing our thing.

Let’s talk about Jasper’s first birthday

One very happy thing to have occurred since we last spoke (is that the right word?) is Jasper turned one!

It wasn’t the day we planned or even the back up day we planned but it was lovely. We had a mini family party at his grandparents &  just spent the day enjoying. It was only us & his immediate family because a)lockdown & b)I am not a big family kinda gal.

Even though we couldn’t take him to the local zoo, we got to spend the time together in the morning opening presents & then spent a few hours with family so it was really lovely. Jasper didn’t really know it was something big but he got spoilt & ate lots of good food.

Now he’s a blooming toddler who’s learnt to walk & is definitely finding his voice!

So my shop…

Right the real reason I haven’t been blogging is because my shop took off & I know I mentioned it briefly in my previous life lately but yeah it’s taken over my free time.

It feels odd talking bout it cause I don’t want to come across braggy but it’s going really well & it’s making me really happy. I’ve released a bunch of different products since including; pompom rainbows, XL clouds, punch needle hoops & I’m hoping to make some new weaves soon. Since writing this I’ve even released a whole halloween collection too!

As you can imagine I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors creating colourful bits & making orders whenever Jasper gives me the chance. It’s kinda crazy & I never expected it to take off like it has but it feels great. I’ve gone back to work two days a week now so it is tricky to juggle it all but its worth it.

I’m now having to plan Christmas products while juggling my orders which is a tad stressful but I’ll get there in the end.

What’s the plan with ByBusby

I have no idea if I’m being completely honest with you.

I’m obviously having to channel all my time into the things that are of a higher priority & as this is a hobby it kinda falls low in that criteria.

But I really miss blogging & it’s been part of my life for so long I couldn’t just stop. I’ve got a lot of content planned & I’ve actually got photos ready so it’s just about allocating some time every now & then.

I won’t be adding extra tasks onto my busy schedule so the newsletter is probably not gonna happen & I’m not actively seeking paid work right now but I plan to write blog posts again.

I can’t say they’ll also be a weekly blog post but I don’t want to leave my blog for months at a time.

It’s been nice to have a break from my blog & focus elsewhere but I do really enjoy blogging so I’ll keep it up!

I hope this made sense & I can still write coherently after all this time. I’m really glad to be back & I just hope people haven’t forgotten about me. Enough rambling for now… see you soon.

Shelley xx

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