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This year I wanted to strip back my blog a little & go back to an old school version so welcome to my new blog series; life lately. It’s kinda like my watching, reading, listening & loving posts with a mix of life updates & a general chit chat. I’m saying buh-bye to SEO & hello to writing therapeutically.

Writing has always been both a creative outlet & a way to reflect on all the things that jumble in my brain. This is my way of getting back to that. There’s no real purpose to these posts other than to let you the reader into my world a little more. I hope you enjoy it!

So where do I start? 

I’m actually not quite sure to be honest but I’m just going with it.

2020 has been an odd year for me so far; I’ve got soo much to look forward to but I’ve also put myself under tremendous pressure (as I do). I feel a little overwhelmed by it all. I think my mental health & my physical health reflects that pressure. I’m going to be honest & let you know I’m not the easiest person to be around at the moment. I just feel extremely irritable & no it’s not that time of the month. I’m just a bit miserable really.

I know I’m my own worst enemy & I need to just take a step back. I need to relax a little but when I’m feeling all overwhelmed is when my brain goes into hyperdrive. It doesn’t have any of the resources it needs to do any of the numerous things it wants to but it enjoys torturing me on the daily.

Last night I was just laying there thinking I could really do with a hyper period. I don’t usually wish for my mood to spike cause that’s when I do things like; start an etsy or apply for uni when I’ve just had a baby but I kinda feel like I need that boost. I’m not sleeping & yet when I finally do (like Saturday afternoon) I’m overtaken to the point of oversleeping.

I would quite like my energy to pick up sometime soon.

On a happier note…

I’m embracing slow crafting; to a certain extent.

Okay I still feel a little pressure but I’m actually really enjoying punch needle.

I find it so therapeutic & I’m buzzing to just do it. I have so many ideas in my mind & I just love this form of art.

It is a little stressful towards the end cause I’m not quite sure what I’m doing but hey that’s part of learning a craft.

I completed a piece yesterday & now I’m onto my second one. I blooming love it! Simple as that.

If only I had endless wool

So what have I actually been up too?

Since this is the first life lately posts & well it’s the first one of the year I thought I’d share a few things I’ve done this year.

  • I’ve taken quite a lot of baths, all colourful of course.
  • I’ve read two books so far. I’m planning to write a round up soon.
  • I had my first drunken night out since having Jasper which was at the awesome Dust settles.
  • We went to the Harry Potter studio tour for Eleanor’s birthday & saw gringotts for the first time. It was awesome!
  • Freya (my soul sister & best bud) & I are doing weekly friend dates. One week we visited a new “Insta” cafe & had fancy hot choc. Last weekend we went for valentines pancakes & omg lush.
  • We had a little family & friend outing to the beach.
  • Jacob & I have been doing little lunches  or evening outings with Jasper which he’s loving.
  • Our last family outing was to Who cult doughnuts (aka the best doughnuts) & then we went into Cardiff for tacos. A very foodie day out!
  • I also got a new wax burner & now I’m obsessed with making the house smell of black cherry.
  • I’ve watched a lot of Netflix; Derry girls, The stranger, AJ & the queen, Next in fashion, Sex education & The crown.
  • I joined tiktok & now I’m obsessed… oops!

A few mini goals

I wanted to finish this post with a bit of motivation cause as you can probably tell from the beginning I’m lacking it a little.

  1. Finish reading my book even if it’s a little spooky.
  2. Practice whip stitching my punch needle pieces so I can try different finishes.
  3. Sort out Pinterest & utilise it for the blog.
  4. Set up a newsletter.
  5. Buy new pens & prepare March in my bullet journal.

That’s it guys!

I hope you like this more diary style post & if not I’m still gonna write them cause the whole point is to help me reflect. They will differ each time & there’s no schedule for them. I’m just gonna go with it.

Anyway speak soon,

Shelley xx

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