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(Vertical roll)

My first month of college is up today and it’s safe to say it’s been crazy. I’ve gone from a week of induction to getting really stuck in to learning. We’ve actually done quite a lot in our practicals so I have a few bits to share. I just thought I’d share my experience. Going back to college at 22 is not something I imagined myself doing but I love learning new skills and I’ve been wanting to learn hair for a hella long time. 

So far we’ve done two types of rollers; directional and brick-set. We’ve learnt the basics of one the base and off the base and how to set the rollers. Above and below is my brick-set which we used to add the volume to the french roll. It was a long process but well worth it.

(Brick-set rollers)

I have to admit the sally heads look a lot less scary with straight hair but I apologise if they freak you out. I can show model photos just yet. Also I’m not going to bore you with in-depth descriptions of what we’ve done!! 

(First one length cut and flat brush blowdry)

(French plait, fishtail plait & bridal plait) 

(French plait)

I am honestly the worst person when it comes to plaiting so learning the different styles has been a pain but I’m slowly growing with confidence. I’ve never been one for plaiting; even when my hair was to my waist.

(Spiral pin curls)

(Curly mohawk)

I was rather proud of this look. I used tongs to create spiral curls and then pinned each one to make the curls tighter. After we were asked to style it however we wished so of course I went for something totally different. I brushed the curls out slightly and pinned it into a messy mohawk. It was hard to get the hang of it but it turned out super alternative!!!

If you want to keep up to date with my progress I have a hair instagram which is linked below!! 

I also wanted to add a little section about my experience with going back to college. I am 22 and a mature student so I was pretty worried about going back. After my breakdown at university I didn’t know if I could handle my anxiety but I have. I’ve overcome the worry and met some amazing people. I’m enjoying learning something I love. I have found it hard to adjust to such practical work as I’ve always been more book smart. It’s hard when you have a lot of tutors with different technique but that’s always going to be the way with hair. I’m so excited to qualify next June so I’m not going to let my mental health take over. If any welshies would like to let me loose on their hair you can always email me and I’m happy to take you on as a model when I improve!! 

Shelley xx

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